Women Do, Too

by DaWORDStress

It was late one night and he had worked all day and he was tired to say, the least 
He was pulling overtime, just to make an extra dime and all he wanted was a lil bit of peace.
The day had been rough, and although he was tough, even he knew he couldn't fake
He wanted nothing more than to walk in the door, eat a meal, watch tv and take a break.
But he knew better. 

No sooner than he put his key in, than the mess would begin but he knew that he had to go home
Cuz despite what she did, she was the mother of his kids, and he loved her too much to roam.  
 "Maybe tonight she'll be cool", is what he said to fool, himself into thinking the best
Prayed for strength from above, tried to remember their love, and asked God why he deserved this test.  
So breathing deep, he hoped she'd be sleep but he knew in his heart that she wouldn't be
He got mentally prepared, truth be told he was scared but he knew folks would say that he shouldn't be

But he knew better.

And sure enough he was right, she was in rare form tonight, accusing him of everything under the sun
He tried to explain, that his job was to blame but the argument just wasn't to be won.  
She continued to yell, and he could easily tell, that her temper was quickly on the rise
His words made not a dent, and he knew what that meant, cuz now she had that look in her eyes.  

The next thing he knew, she had picked up a shoe and aimed that sucka straight for his head
She followed with fists, and he had to resist striking back cuz of what his mama said:

Never hit a woman...never, ever.  
Cuz you know better.  

So he took the assault, thinking it was his fault, cuz what kinda man gets his ass beat by a girl?
So he said not a thing, as his ears began to ring, and thought of ways to hide his shame from the world.  
What else could he do?  If he dared tell the truth, he'd be laughed at, become a joke, be called names
Cuz it ain't really abuse, so hey, what's the use, in end he'd probably end up getting blamed.  

Quiet he kept, and he watched as it left, that furor and meanness in her spirit
As she started to calm, she reached out her palm, to apologize, but he didn't wanna hear it.  
Cuz he'd been there before, she'd beg, plead and more but turn right around and do it again
But if he dared leave, not a soul would believe, that women could indeed abuse men.  
And so silent he stayed, about this "game" that they played, keeping all his feelings inside
And he finally laid down, felt like the world's biggest clown, as just another lil piece of him died.  

It's playing out on TV, turn it on can't help but see, even celebrities getting caught up in this mess
He hits and gets jailed, she hits and gets hailed as a "strong chick keeping her man in check
The double standards so strong, it can't help but be wrong, but it ain't happening to me, so what the heck?  
I know some of you men say, no sir, ain't no way, but trust me brothas, this here's real life.  
And forget all his money, to some of us it ain't funny, to see Tiger get beat by his wife.  
And we're amazed at how Chris got straight murdered for this, but Tigers lady ain't even get a slap on the wrist.  

Ain't that a bitch?? 

So I say to you, that we really must do, a better job of teaching ALL kids not to hit
Don't just teach the boys, while treating girls like lil toys, cuz if she swings first well then she gets what she gets. 
So I'll say it again, til I see it sink in, cuz as a woman I can tell you it's true
Not all women are meek, and we damned sure ain't weak and best believe me that WOMEN HIT TOO!  

Women Do, Too by DaWORDStress

© Copyright 2009. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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