by Eric Elliott

Man how you living? 
I ain’t living like a man should, I’m strugglin’!
Strugglin’ to hear that clock,
Strugglin’ to get off that cot,
Strugglin’ to find what to wear, 
Strugglin’ to comb black nappy hair.
Strugglin’ down city streets,
Strugglin’ to find something to eat,
Strugglin’ to breathe fresh air,
Strugglin’ got me wearing holy underwear,
Strugglin’ with the 9 to 5 destiny holder, 
Strugglin’ with some dumb ass struggler at work-
that I’m suppose to see over.
His dumb ass strugglin’ more than me,
‘cause he don’t even know he’s strugglin’!
And to top that off,
Some white mother fucker called me nigger today,
You know one of those hidden racism shit phrases,
“are you qualified to make those decisions?”
We all know that translates into, 
“don’t tell me what to do nigger boy!”
I didn’t struggle cussing his ass out though!!
I’ve done more strugglin’ before 9 AM than most strugglers do all day!
As I find myself Strugglin’ through strong side monoxide,
A street struggler had the nerve to ask me, 
“brother can you help a struggler with some spare change”
As I walked away I thought “strugglin’ got me and him both acting strange” 
Because this day my response time was slow so hearing him beg was out of range.
An old friend spotted me just the other day,
“Man how you been living, you wouldn’t believe 
how much I’ve been strugglin’ since the last time I seen you?”- 
“He’d been strugglin’ to stay on top 
and I told him I’ve been strugglin’ with strugglin’ too.

Strugglin' by Eric Elliott

© Copyright 2004. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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