Wombman Female

by Kamaria Ellerbe

What defines me 

Am I A Woman?

Phonetically I am MAN of 

The womb

Biblically I am 


...Help mate

Universally, I am the creator.

Deep within this vessel holds the seeds to all of humanity

Some they call me

Mother nature, 

Because I nurture 

And water love on all my children

And even if I'm barren, or chestless

Not curvaceous and a sexist 

I AM a woman.

Booty meat and twinkling eyes 

Perfect smile 

round hips and thighs 

I'm more than what you see

 get over meat

I am a womb-man

Favor is deceitful and beauty is fleeting 

All things cycle with a new lifetime preceding 

this flesh and bones are for some seasons 

But my spirit man is infinitely breathing (breathe) 

Appreciate the woman that 

God made from Adam

In atoms my existence is a force it's non resistant to the flow of my feminine nature. 

It's is the essence of me.

But (she) and (her) and institutional descriptions 

of what the world classifies me as is not what I am first. 

Firstly I am the great I am. I am that which I am, 

that which I was created, before imprinting and mocking and what charm school taught me I am me.

Characteristically I uplift and exhort, I love, 

and I culture light before I reproduce life and breast feed. Get over this meat. 

Of the womb, rib which I was pulled was turned into a second gender to foster life. 

That is me

Of the womb, in many ways 

More than misogynistic boxes of society. 

Except the attractiveness of my warm heart that I welcome you in 

The Crooked smile couldn't factor in 

This meat that my soul inhabitants 

Is less than what I'm trying to inspire men, I am of you 

But you would be nothing without  womb man me

Wombman Female by Kamaria Ellerbe

© Copyright 2014. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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