When Someday Came: The Second Day

by J.Elegan

The most telling part of THE SECOND DAY was understanding that we no longer needed to explain our birthright. There was nothing more succulent and profound than to see that what went around, came around while all parties were present to witness and feel its impact. The mystery of solving what had ailed us was not a fluke or some rare occurrence of luck but an evolving testament of what we had learned.

Despite the absence of those that came before us who couldn't witness and feel this day, it's now understood that they knew it would all come to pass and it explains why the willingness to sacrifice was never an afterthought-it's how they loved us.

This next phase of SOMEDAY is about consolidating our power permanently. Since we now know that America and its' history has always revolved around us, we have also realized that we're the only ones who can change its course.Now entrenched in ECONOMIC UNITY with a yearly disposable income of $4 Trillion, there are no longer any doors that can't be opened.Today-what needs to get done-gets done.

Now bathing in our resurrection's light, we've come to realize that SOMEDAY will always be a work-in-progress with many more rainbows to come as we continue to rise and evolve...

When Someday Came: The Second Day by J.Elegan

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