When Someday Came: The First Day

by J.Elegan

FINALLY.....!!!!! SOMEDAY HAD CAME. It wasn't the Someday that my great-grandmother had subscribed to; a smooth transition in which Humanity won over greed, hate and abusive power;instead we took our Someday with determined discipline, tenacity and tactful patience.

If I hadn't been in such an emotional meltdown perhaps dissecting the sweetest core of each moment's ironies could've been more intellectually satisfying however the crying left no clue on how I was feeling, I was just crying. Fortunately I had brought enough water, for without it, I could've died from severe dehydration.

As the memories and images collectively shared by race and blood burdened my body's cooling system, I was still consciously aware that I was witnessing the greatest Black American achievement in our history-THE FINAL REBIRTH OF OUR UNITY AND ITS POWER.

As far as the eye could see in any direction, an elaborate mixture of blacks, browns, bieges, yellows and off-whites;washed in sunlight;formed a rich mosaic quilt over the landscape. Here in the South's Black Belt, so named for its rich black soil which stretches through Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia; an irony unfolded that was magical and prophetic which made this long neglected "mecca of shame" the symbolic birthplace of the FIRST DAY.

For a week, 25 million of us, of all ages made the pilgrimage to honor our ancestors' blood, sweat and tears that were deposited on this very earth. The immediacy was so great, it created an emotional energy that surrounded us as if we were in the eye of a storm as the clarity of connections through 40 centuries of Blackness embraced and revealed the ultimate gifts of those told and untold sacrifices.

This legacy that we now stand on-gave our continuity a reason, our essence an image and our purpose an emancipation. In hindsight there were perhaps many less painful avenues that could've been taken however this path was the right one-for no other could've of spoken or taught us so eloquently the truths needed toward enlightening our permanence.

Although we are now flushed with options, I'm still in awe of our feat.Just being here, inhaling the distances and meanings of mired yesterdays, left me breathless. It is my wish that this phase of Someday will energize our future offspring to understand, absorb and appreciate the significance of our Great Leap Forward and feel the power of the "FIRST DAY" through my eyes and know that this moment withstood and will withstand any attempted revisions by future historians.


The greatest impact that OUR LIBERATION has revealed to us, is the acknowledgement of our substance.Now our past, present and future is seen as a continuum, no longer scattered and broken through out time. During this evolution of our awareness, we've come to realize the depth of dignity, courage and strength that preceded us and in this context, it becomes apparent that this was always meant to be; for the content of our character has always remained intact.

As for the ramifications that followed, the world wondered its meaning while America feared it.Not only was America's hypocrisy placed on center stage but predictably it became comical and dangerous simultaneously. Justifications, denials and lies became so transparent that when ethnicity became magnified, the main WORRY then became-who was gonna be taking our place.

During this time we showed great maturity and common sense, for as that WORRY became intensified, we remained silent. Those perturbed by our silence tried valiantly to scapegoat us yet by then-they too knew how they were going to be perceived. Suddenly it was understood just how much of a buffer we had been.

For us, the explosive increases in Black businesses, employment and education coupled with the same proportional decreases in crime, unwed motherhood and incarcerations reflected a SELF-LIBERATION that even Garveyism or The Black Power Movement was never able to touch.This time we had paid heed to history by no longer being dazzled by new illusionary freedoms.

THE FIRST DAY'S birth has been re-analyzed and debated insistently because our DELIVERANCE was never suppose to be dictated on our terms.Before the FIRST DAY, the dynamics of being Black in America had never really changed. Every incremental improvement of our condition had been met by hostility and manipulation and yet despite the pressures of transistions, adaptions and expectations, we eventually responded quite admirably.

Although my overview pales to the actual intricacies that has taken place, the strength of our Unity would of never achieved this level of cohesiveness without the continual efforts to ensure our oppression.When it finally sunk in that America's promises never pertained to us (education, justice and economic opportunity), we awoke with a vengeance.

We have now attained a consciousness where every triumph has its own rainbow of options with the realizations that we are now striving toward reaches never before imagined. The actual reality of fulfilling the hopes and dreams of our ancestors is beyond speech and thought. THANK GOD!!!!!!!! We finally believed in ourselves.

When Someday Came: The First Day by J.Elegan

© Copyright 1995. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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