It's Like...This Is US!

by Hakim

It’s Like…This Is US!
I need a day off...
Just to lay, in your arms.
To feel the softness of your touch,
To envelope in your charm.
It's Nice and Warm in your arms;
Where I'm far from harm.
My mind is blown,
I'm too far gone.
A tangerine Dream,
Playing a tambourine.
Light make-up when you wake-up,
After the Cold Cream.
One Kiss activates
The healing power in your lips.
It's like a drink; that has me buzzin',
Off of one sip!
Home, is the comfort;
Inside your arms.
It feels like I'm swimming...
Under waterfalls, in the Amazon!
A falsetto soprano,
Playing a grand piano.
A symphony flow,

With violins that glow.
A Kiss from a Rose...
Free falling in love.
The silky smooth vocals of Sade,
During Yoga.
Our love making...
Makes the earth, spend in reverse.
Our taste buds are saturated,
With Tropical Starburst.
We'll take our time and walk,
Holding hands in the park....
Or we'll take this day off,
And spend it at the spa.
My whole life
Has been dedicated;
To the preparation,
It's Like...
THIS Is Us....
Perfectly Defined,

Is "THIS"!

It's Like...This Is US! by Hakim

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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