So*l Butterfly

by Kim

I didn't forget the things I had done, 
or the things I had said. 
Nothing would let me forget 
it was all buried away in my head. 
Had I already made my bed, 
but just forgot to lay?
Was everyday a new one.. 
with new ways to play... 
new things to say 
and old things to forget? 
Was life one big movie, 
was it all just a skit? 
Had I dug a ditch, 
for me to stumble in 
or had I endured so much, 
so many situations stayed humble in. 
Was I sound asleep 
or wide awake right in the Lion's den... 
Was I secure and sure with life, 
was the Lion of life my friend. 
Did I awake everyday, 
to a new beginning just to hope 
and move and think so fast 
so that it all could quickly end. 
All the things I deeply felt 
and all the things saw so deep, 
was it a dream or a nightmare... 
a gift or a curse, how could all this be? 
Seeing me right before me but not me, 
seeing life pass me by. 
Was I incapable of going forward, 
was it good enough a try to fly. 
Was the pain even real, 
was it good enough a cry... 
Sitting back breathing deeply in a sigh... 
Everyday so many new whys. 
Trying to stay true, 
but ending up swimming in lies. 
Trying to catch the pureness 
of a natural high 
in an unnatural world. 
Trying to be that genuine girl, 
but just ended up in Life's Lions whirl...

So*l Butterfly by Kim

© Copyright 2015. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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