The Fellow Came

by Dwayne O. Foster

The fellow came....
Mentally, the shame of his bondage
   crippled the courage of his heritage
Physically maimed by an antagonistic 
His lips trembled -
The rasp of his breath ...fickle
Rippling through his eyes...
   the memory of death
Simple sweat stung the wounded flesh,
   dressing his anguish
      with a tangible tarnish....
   arresting his development

"Hey...Nigga'!! Pick that god-damn cotton,
you son-of-a-bitch!!!", with a crack
                                    on the fellows back
"Yeah-su' Masta", as if lowly
Slowly he walked through that hell,
   parallel to a mass of millions,
   and even more died before them
The fellow saw only dim lights,
   a future of:
   Never shall your eyes set sight
      on happiness,
   Never know freedoms bliss,
   Never kiss your maidens lips
      with her complete promise
   Never have these rights
The fellow never overcame that plight,
   died, and then....
   another did the same

The Fellow Came by Dwayne O. Foster

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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