by Dwayne O. Foster

The reddish haze of the east....
Sunlight strikes a maze 
   of life,
Released so effortlessly -
And it is time -
And there are no hardships
   to bare,
   burdens on which to swear,
Not even the pillage of warfare
   could tear its fabric
As elaborate as this
   fantasy seems,
It is a descriptive 
   of my love for you

The heat of high noon....
Sunlight climaxing across 
   a blue sky
The height of a magnificent rise -
Another moment in time
And my heart is exercised
   like the waves of the ocean....
For, the motion of the potion
   of your love is so enduring 
   within me

The reddish haze of the west....
Gently it descends quickly,
And time is still not impressed
   with colorful trickery
Yet, I am in awe of your shadow,
For, it is a sign that I saw
   form in its purest essence
Caressing my eyes as 
   your every breath and heartbeat
   become harmony in my presence

Now, the moon has its place,
Holding its right
   as a piece of dim sunlight
Set in its pace to chase
   the sun across the sky
Pulling the tides....
   becoming another moment in time
Coolness, as if mint....
Breezes that numb the sense
   of being
Releasing the soul into the 
   night of...whatever-the-season
Just as when I am lost 
   in my thoughts of you....
Without effort -
   within the reason of time

Effortless by Dwayne O. Foster

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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