by Durrell

 As I stepped on the school campus a young brotha
  confronts me shouting aloud "whats up my nigga"
  As my heart started to flutter from feeling disfigured
  For I did not answer simply because I am not a nigga
  "O Ok you gonna act like you don't know me, ight nigga
  I'll remember that man"
  "I aint a nigga Im a African" I said
  "O Hell Naw you must be on the History Bullshit 
leave that alone nigga everybody knows we aint using nigga 
like that, 
  It's cool, It's giving each other props nigga"
  "Cool" As I said with rage
  "Nigga Is Cool"
  Was it cool when Emmit Till was beaten because was 
said that he was whistling at a white woman
  Was it cool when the Jim Crow laws destroyed the 
beautiful black image of all Africans
  Was it cool that Black mothers were seperated from 
their kids because they didn't want them to discipline them
  Was it cool when they took hot metal pokers and 
burned black people's eyes out for reading
  Was it cool that your mothers were beat, raped and 
breeded for you to see another day
  Was it cool that your fathers were lynched simply 
because they had something to say
  Was it cool that hundreds of africans were slaughtered 
while in church trying to pray
  Was it cool that at age 6 you worked in the fields, not 
receiving a dime because you're a slave
  Was it cool that you got arrested for looking at a white 
man in the wrong way
  So now when you say nigga to me
  Those are all the images I see
  So no matter what you think or believe
  Nigga is a disgrace that will not be used to identify me
  So trust me, when I say Im a African 
  And the blood that I spill is the same blood that was 
spilled from back then
  So try askin "What up my nigga" cuz im not answerin 
  For you have been educated on a piece of our history of 
what has happened
  But I know these words that I teach... to preach.... and 
to reach... your lives 
  Will mean nothing because as soon as I step outside 
  Im just another nigga in your eyes

N-Word by Durrell

© Copyright 2004. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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