Wish I could keep my mind moving 
Constantly wondering what he's doing or should I say who? 
Brown eyes tinted green when any woman passes through 
How long can my verbal foreplay keep inticing him 
I enjoy the way his eyes and ears experience me 
And the look of embarassment when he catches me starin' back 
I'm just tryin to figure out his facial expressions and body movements 
Which seem to be set to music 
Can you hear it? 
I can't either,but I can feel it  
And vibrations feel good and strangely familiar 
Like a native playing bongos deep in the Congo over a Kanye West Beat 
or a winter night warmed by anothers' body heat 
I need to relax before I rush into something that I could avoid 
Afraid to reach for what might fill my void 
Praying not to have my ego crushed while my emotions are destroyed 
Please God tell me what to do! 
Help me stop worrying that I ain't the one and we aint the two 
I swear I must be outta my freakin' mind 
I'll be brave and take this chance one more time  
I hope his talk and walk aren't just game? 
Lord please let this be the last man I add to my personal Hall of Fame.  

Falling? by MSTBRAD

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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