Just To Be Next To You

by Freemind

i gave you the finess i possess with all of its grandeur. 
giving you my herbal essence with each spectacular stroke i gave you my soul.
as i hold you, sweating your sweat, and breathing your breath, 
listening to you as you say that i am you and you are me, 
it was then that i realized that i need to release the pressure from my heart 
and become philosophical with you.
and tell you that i am nothing without you. 
Whisper so softly and tenderly in your ear 
that i love you in a way that is unconditional. 
to remind you that i am your kryptonite (even you said so yourself). 
i am the one thing that makes you weak. and that alone seperates me from everyone else. 
i want to tell you that you complete me in a way that i can't explain. 
that it drives me crazy when you allow hoes to grind on you.
and the joyful expression that face holds as the create these acts of desperation 
kills a small piece of my heart everytime i look at you. 
i want to remind of the all the calls and text messages we have shared 
and when you stopped calling and writing i was devastated. 
because i thought what we had was so real and virgin. 
that everytime we have an sexual escapade and our flesh meets, 
i lie to myself and try to believe that it is an expression of our unspoken love. 
but i know that i am wrong. and that hurts. 
even though i keep enduring the psychological abuse and the lies, 
i know that it is all make believe. 
i want you to look into my eyes and see the pain that i feel 
because i know that your time is only temporary like a season. 
i want to ask you why you don't love me? why the need for all the lies? 
i want to be more than your convient booty call. 
i want to be your first and your last, your love and your friend; i want your heart. 
i want to lay in your arms and cry in despair 
and have your empathy to soothe and strengthen me. 
i want to kiss your arm as mine gracefully intertwines 
and the midnight breeze gently kisses our faces. 
i want to lay in your arms after a mindblowing love making session and know that i am loved. 
you know that we belong together because it is our fate. 
just open your eyes and realize that i have you mesmerized. 
most of the time i can't stand you and want to fight you. 
i try to move on with my life and just look at you as my past. 
i want to tell you that as i listen to love songs and even rap 
i still find myself daydreaming about you and reminiscing 
about some of the moments that we have shared.
i want you to know that i caress my pillow at night 
while constantly longing for you because without you i go into withdrawls. 
i want to tell you that i understand that you are a business man. 
you don't have to do it alone. just give me the signal and i will be your business woman. 
i want and need to just be next to you. 
i really wanted to tell you all the things that plague my mind and my heart everyday. 
to have you justify all the mixed emotions that i have boiling inside. 
so you can comfort me and say that everything would be okay and we would survive. 
but i chose to keep the chaotic peace to myself and just enjoy being next to you.

Just To Be Next To You by Freemind

© Copyright 2005. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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