I'm Dreaming

by Derrick Scott

I must be dreaming this can't be reality
I woke up this morning to a strange new land
New York is beautiful; the towers still stand

There are no forces in Korea, and no Taliban
No invasion of IRAQ and no problem in Afghanistan
The Republicans are honest, the Democrats too
Just people and people taking care of me and you

I think I must be dreaming; tell me it's not a dream
I walked through my house and looked across the street
I saw happy children, playing hide and seek
I bought my house and a phat cream caddy
My wife respected me, and my baby knew his daddy

Everything was fine in my neighborhood
The streets were clean, no trash to be found
No cans, no bottles, no paper on the ground
Just people living with people and respecting one another

I need to sleep just a little bit longer
I turned on the TV news, and couldn't believe my eyes
There was nothing but good news to my surprise
No scandal in Congress no racist politician
No status quo, no unjust repetition
No government kickbacks; no rich getting richer
Just people representing and doing the right thing

I'm not done yet, just let me dream
The sky was blue the grass was green
There was no pollution in our streams
No acid rain and no global warming
Just spring in March and dew on the ground in the morning

The fish were biting and the living was good
There was no trash on the street in my neighborhood
Just people living together all for the good

I must be dreaming this can't be reality
Music is music and not misunderstood
I am free to speak my mind even if you don't agree,
Because people in this land are truly free

There are no prisons, overcrowded with my brothers
There are only happy people of all races and colors
There are no Spicks, no Chinks, no Niggers
Just people loving people with no guns, and no triggers

No drugs on the street, no criminals in the alley
No east coast, west coast, rap feuds in Cali
Just brothers and sisters, getting along, sing their songs

People really think for themselves
And don't believe the TV and nothing else
No security alerts, no false alarms
No middle east region up in arms

No overcrowded prisons no under funded schools
More money on education and less on incarceration
My bank account is fat
My credit card not maxed

I have love for myself and love for you
You love yourself and you love me too
The man loves the woman, the woman respects the man
The man goes to work and does all he can

The old woman is respected, and the president is elected
No scandal in the Senate no invasion of IRAQ
My brothers are not fighting, my sisters got my back

No acid rain, no global warming
The baby birds chirping early in the morning
I can't take it no more,
This is a beautiful scene, please please, please, please,
please please, let me dream

I'm Dreaming by Derrick Scott

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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