by Douglas Moore, Jr.

 Sitting down on a quiet day
 Contemplating the best way to say
 To my strong, intelligent lady
 How she is beautiful to me
 In a manner no one else could see

 You are beautiful to me
 For so many reasons
 And unless others get to know you
 They would have no clue
 On the true qualities
 That makes my heart sing the tunes
 Of calling you beautiful

 There is no doubt physically
 You are beautiful
 With your tanned skin
 Lovely lips and hips
 Along with your pretty eyes
 Which catch everyone's sight
 Those are the obvious things
 That stays in the minds of others
 When you cross their path each time

 Your beauty stands out to me
 Because I've never met a woman
 With the ability
 To achieve so many wonderful things
 Visualized in her dreams

 And even though there was adversity
 You still made those things reality
 Along with having the time
 To be there for your family
 In their moment of need

 They say beauty is
 In the eye of the beholder
 And even though I am not you
 Your beauty is as clear as air to me
 But I just wish others
 Would take the opportunity
 To see why I truly view you
 As Beautiful

Beautiful by Douglas Moore, Jr.

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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