The Literary Architect

by Taliel

I, the author named Gregory D. Dorchy, also known as Taliel; affirm my art of words, philosophy and story-like pages, present a literary architect. I am affiliated with a Christ-like society; striving for a heavenly way of life. I honor a certain Moorish science, mainly because it enforces diligence and devotion to divine principles and intellectual development; as well as structural elevation, discerning Law. Knowing my indigenous culture and proclaimed a Nubian; I am freeborn, a Morally Active Nature, by way of Divine and Natural Law. Knowing this truth, I proclaim my sovereign and political asylum against the black codes of Americanism. By way of Omnipotent Oneness, knowledge of self and Gnostic studies of theocracy; nurtures this mind to my Hieratic Rights of kingship. Thereupon, my mysticism will also be profound, under Divine Providence; as I Am, for the evolution of human welfare. It is my nature to adopt the best principles that applies to divinity. My fundamental rights by Divine Law; rebuke the intentional burdens of any kind. I declare, agree with and demand Justice, by way of my living Constitutionality and Indigenous Jurisdictions; in the Kingdom of Christ. Amen

The Literary Architect

To evolve beyond the misconceptions and title of a Muslim and Freemason, I prefer my profession be seen in the work of my art of words. I choose literary architect, to claim a new face and my own creative mark, on the works of self-improvement. What is the definition of literary? One who is well learned, bookish, cultured or scholarly? What is the definition of architect? A Person, who brings about a new thing, example: (The architect of a constitution.) Apparently there is no doubt, how certain degrees of a Neophyte, may have him believe, he is the only kind of Man, worthy of holding the title of freemason. However, based on his intentions and works of his Brotherhood; may he sincerely find his honor. Majestically, "Prince Hall" Masons were established out of the pale man's format of Freemasonry and eventually built great recognition for the so-called Negro. Each man worthy and well qualified; had to be literate and capable of comprehending the works. Most importantly, accept the existence of The Supreme Godhead, we like to call the Grand Architect. All the secrecy behind closed doors; stays behind closed doors. As a literary architect, I am simply representing the benefits of finding and reading right knowledge. I am no enemy to Christ-like values. I am always researching for truth. I practice poetry, philosophy; as I grow in Gnosticism.

Sparking My Dome

I would have to say, the day and time I really began to get thoughtful, is when I lost some rhymes, one of my older peers wrote for me, in high school. Hip Hop was on the rise in the 80s and it seemed to me, most of us wanted to be one of those skillful rappers, like my homie, who wrote the rhymes I lost. As far as my clique and peers knew, in Hillside; Capital G and Dollar Bill Khalil, were the untouchable dual on the microphone. So I tried to remember what Capital G wrote me, by rewriting it; I also, bought a thesaurus to help come up with my own words. A few months pass by and before I knew it; I caught that eureka moment and found my flow. Eventually, my older talented cousin Sergio; who was also a master graffiti artist, as well as catching props with his break dance crew; he gave me props on my talent born. Competition was fun to challenge back then, especially knowing others were up and coming, out in Newark and New York; catching record deals easier, around the right peoples. With the assistance of Sergio and one of my other cousins, we attempted the record deal route, but truthfully, we weren't hungry enough to really make it happen. Actually, Knowledge of Self simply became a priority for me. The spark of it all started with the work of a Master/Teacher, Clarence 13X; with his new style of presenting the lessons of Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

Swiftly after that step, I wanted to know more about the root of Islaam. Therefore, at the age of 16, I accepted the creed of Al Islaam and took my Shahaadah (Declaration of faith). My reading interest grew strong, after beholding scriptures of The Koran. All this, also took place while still attending church services with and for my Mother. Eventually, on the search for more knowledge, I bought the book, "Message to the Blackman" by Elijah Muhammad; his book open a whole new perspective on why, we needed to wake up and know our true nature with Allah. Then, on an occasional clothes shopping day with my cousins, downtown Elizabeth NJ, Serg spotted a table of books; He knew I would like the many subjects, after my taking steps toward Islaam. There, is where we found and I tapped into the scrolls of The Holy Tabernacle Ministries, written by Imam Isa Al Haadi Al Mahdi. I had become accustomed to the new family and one love, seen and felt in our urban American Islaamism. The great study groups, so profound and different from Christianity, really made me feel blessed to be a Muslim. True Islaam, is a way of life, found in submission to the great principles; Allah designed for Man to remember and follow. Peace and Blessing be upon Prophet Muhammad; for his great efforts to uplift mankind with The Koran.

This practice is no doubt a serious path of discipline, a culture just as profound as Yoga would be; that's my opinion. Most certainly, the divine scriptures uphold great warnings to fallen humanity; in the form of supreme wisdom and justice. However, all societies established with Al Islaam, do not have the same liberty and educational privileges, we might enjoy in America. Very few Muslims, take the Prophet Isa, Yashua (Jesus), to be the best example of peace and justice for a people. However, Prophet Muhammad; was able to magnetize a people with that same divine love. As for the poor and vulnerable nations; under Islaamic influence, many under war torn conditions, I believe they live as good, as they can. In most societies and on any day, we will find most muslim women, keeping up the discipline, of being properly covered in public. Occasionally and most definitely on the unified prayer day, "Jumah"; Muslim men wear the traditional eastern wardrobes. However, a great many, would wear what they have or can afford. As for certain merchants, who keep a steady business life; they might adjust to and stay in suits, the respected wardrobe of commerce.

Peace of mind, it has always been a state of refuge for me. To this very day, I remain to be that quiet type of guy. Self-centered; would be some people's way of viewing me, but for the most part; I find it to be a safe place to be, when I am seeking serenity. As I grew older, I began to cherish staying to myself, drifting into all the thoughts and preserved memories, collected through my many scenes and experiences. I catch a sense of peace, when my creative expression is released; like filtered water, flowing from my Aquarian vessel, I aim to inscribe the life I live, in a unique poetical way. When I accepted the creed Al Islaam, I found Talal, meaning (kind hearted), to be the character; I would take on as a Muslim. I thought my household would accept me peacefully; However, adversity was not absent in the world I was growing up in. Peace, for me was usually, the silence I enjoyed, in my so-called self-centered modes; be it out in Brick City's Weaquahic Park, by the lake, or secluded in my room at home. I had a hard time understanding the tough love of my Dad's temperament, while my mother insisted on being, the queen of super long lectures.

After I turned 18, based on my low grade status, I was facing summer school and had to repeat an extra year; I was already working, so signed out of High School. I also began detaching myself from the household. I didn't care about keeping in touch, I dreamed of traveling the world, like an adventurer. I just want to be left alone, to figure out this quest called life. How little did I know, all that running off into the world without wise guidance; would become a great challenge to the Islaamic creed, I had embraced. Despite my changes taking place, a code of my large family love, kept me close to home. In the meantime, writing remained to be a helpful hobby. As I grew into knowledge of self, I found my talent, as a natural poet. The Holy Majesty truly became known to me, through different classes of Islaam. I knew, correcting my ways and actions in this world; would require steady moral instructions. I had fallen off that straight and narrow path, because I kept playing with New Babylon's Delilah and Jezebel. Weakened, by my voluntary desires and delusions of beauty, I hard-headedly, learn from my many mistakes and find Allah sparing my life, so that I may return to right ways and actions. I began to notice my higher self takes action, when the poet within me becomes active. He fights my boredoms and idleness. For the meantime, he blocks out the negative worldly conditions. My function then becomes creative and I am gracefully placed, in a state of salvation. However, at the age of 20, my discipline was of no saint. I misunderstood the spiritual blessings of staying diligent. By falling so many times, for the entertainment of lower-self desires and let the ego turn me toward ways of a rogue.

At this time, I was forced to abandon so called friends, hindering my growth. I had also crashed my first car making a "weed pick-up" for a group of us, to and from New York; it was insured by my mother, so you can best believe she was heated, when she found out. She demanded and I agreed that I should check into a rehab, to actually clear my head and get away from the negative peer pressure. When the 90 days term was up, I returned home and made plans for Job Corp. By the time I was enrolled and got in Job Corp, I already had and collected valuable scrolls and books of The Holy Tabernacle Ministries, and practically gave away many, to those I considered friends and a few to no more than five relatives. Many of my close relatives, wasn't even ready for the knowledge I was holding and now that I think about it, neither was I. Fortunately, I stuck with writing and journalizing my life. Throughout the years, I kept little notes and expressions of my circumstances, to look back on and later inscribe these pages in due season. I can recall my Job Corp literary arts teacher; telling me, after reading one my essays, "You will be ready for a book in about 7 to 10 years" I was 21, thinking that's a long time. However, much more to learn and of course the procrastination, would make it longer than expected.

The Seven Year Scope

When I actually got into this project, I began to realize, how every seven years of my life; be it good or unpleasant, actually had some kind of changes taking place. New Jersey, 1969, I was one of those seven month born babies. My Mom and Dad eventually moved to Detroit, after being married. That didn't turn out as well as they planned it, Mom and Dad separated for a little while and she moved back to NJ. I was in Newark Public schools by age 7. Eventually, Parents got back together, worked hard and got a house in the suburbs, known as Hillside. I graduated from Elementary School on time. Now I am 14, I was quite nervous about High School. In fluently, I met and fell in love with Mary Jane, caught the wave of Hip Hop, had to handle a few fights, with a little help of one my cousins, to back off the bullies and made a well-known reputation in town, for myself and siblings. I was In Job Corp by age 21 and fortunately graduated as an Electrician Apprentice. That trade didn't take off so well, because, once again, I get side tracked, by ego and lower desires and fell for a seductive, residential advisor on Campus. She got pregnant. I assumed she was religiously on my level, she eventually, turned out not to be. I felt it was best to end that delusion. However, my daughter was born and my priorities had to change. Almost any job had to do, what it do. Mentally wounded by regrets, partially angry with the world, looking out and not within thy self; I practically ran rogue for a while. By the time, I was 28; I had returned home to NJ, from a refuge and adventure in N Carolina and Georgia, through my Mom's family. I moved back into Lakewood, my place of birth and where most of my Dad's family resided for the meantime. I tried to settle down, but after having an injurious fight, trying to put out a rude heavy-set roommate, for one of my female cousins; humiliatingly, that was my first smack down. Then, right after that, why did we have to face an electrical fire? It took out that entire old house. I ended up back with my parents, for recuperations and eventually another road to finding work.

A Time to Man Up

After the year 2000, known to be the end of days; there were all kinds of talk about a world-wide blackout, comets approaching and serious threats that would alter the world we know. Little did we realize; this was going to be a series of calamities in years to come. To practically conceal political agendas, Islam is made to look like crazy terrorist concepts, trying to rule the world. It is very obvious here in America and other cultures of the world, that no "one religion" rules humanity. There is however, one authority proving to be in charge, and that power is clearly in Nature. Divine Providence seems to be most visible, using the forces of Nature. Many are called but few are chosen, to submit to our supreme God-head, while the foolish are left free, to follow a destructive mindset and die in their own terms of living. I believe The God-head of all existence; is omnipotent authority, in the Cosmos, Nature, Life on earth and other Planets seen and unseen. I like to think along with the few, not caught up, on the Invisible Supreme Being concept. Nowadays, I am thinking, maybe Divine Providence is mostly concerned about wiser individuals, the individuals accepting righteous ways, to avoid all the woes and fears of the world. Scientifically, we are taught how God's mercy, allows much of life to maintain its' daily growth and by nature everything dies or must transform. As we are religiously taught, all things are in God's care. Then we must also be an example of that care, being vessel of him. Sadly, we have a kind of people; that do not care about the life of others and would rather be of the adverse or rebellious force. Those adversaries would be the devils; mentally-blind, deaf, and wicked. They simply, can't perceive righteousness clearly.

I was in Brooklyn NY by 2001, taking on another wife; this one is from Trinidad. I knew we had no religious compatibility. However, she had the illusion of that African Queen I desired. She was alluringly interesting at the time, with her curvy form, foreign accent and smooth dark skin. She is a fashion artist, working out in NJ; as a live in nurse/aide and she shared an apartment with her niece in NY. I cautiously caught on to their party-time lifestyle and culture and gradually tried to give her the benefit of a doubt. Little did she know or care that Brooklyn was also, where my most inspirational enlightener resided. He had established a book store and community center out in Bushwick. There, I could always find a retreat and refuge with my enlightened-minded family. Amongst them, I was in a "Moor" Advanced class, practically proceeding and evolving with the work of Dr. Malachi York El. He gave some credit to Noble Drew Ali, clarifying how the Moorish science, Ali was returning to us, was not the Islaam, all Muslims would accept. His enlightenment was solely based on Jesus's sacred lessons, which shed great light on the way Islaam could be taught; through the use of missing biblical teachings of Jesus's life. Perhaps, the confusing part was how a concept used (with the name of Allah) and the missing teachings of (Jesus, mostly claimed by Christianity) could together, uplift the spiritual character of our lost Nubian family, especially fellow Muslims. Despite the claim of Noble Drew Ali, inscribing a false Koran. If we could look into the science of his effort; the idea of Peace, Love, Truth, Justice and Freedom are obviously great ingredients for a fallen humanity. Unfortunately and of course, by having different personalities, corrupted love and egos around; we all don't perceive the same degree of enlightenment. That maintains the facts, only 5% will have knowledge of self. 10% will know the truth and choose to conceal it. 85% would rather live under the hypnotism of religious pacifiers, or worse, just remain mentally-blind, deaf and dumb.

Dr. York El, may he remain pleased by The Most High. This master/scholar opened the true book of Gnosticism on all the religious groups; He eventually moved to Georgia, to establish some land to call our own. He left some of his best students in charge of the store and center in Brooklyn, NY. Unfortunately, a plot caught up with him; the southern enemies behind it, set him up to face a great number of unjust years, actually because; he was swiftly slaying, all the falsehood of the religions deceiving our Nubian humanity and truly uplifting us with the clear facts. After those political, adverse forces sabotaged Dr. York El's progress, religion for me, simply became a subject, like astrology, and philosophy. My focus went back into, how to rise up out of the zones of job-life mediocrity. Never the less, I continued to keep faith in my ability, to become god-like and stay cautiously, studious. I, with no doubt; know there is a supreme God-head, Master of all things seen and unseen, overseeing life, as we know it; Divine Providence, directing nature, with omnipresent authority; over love, mercy, and counter-creativity by Supreme Will.

New York and the Entrepreneurship

By the time I was 35, it is 2004. 9-11 had drastically changed lives and security in New York. I changed my line of work from the corporate mailrooms and had become a state licensed security guard; I also came across some awesome entrepreneurial education about multi-level marketing. All in all, New York life put me on a whole new level of, seeing the world of a businessman and woman at work. Having no sales skills, I struggled and failed at convincing prospects, to join the business opportunity. However, I never doubted the facts of, how a paycheck to paycheck job-life; was doing nothing, but keeping folks subordinate and just over broke. Here, is the question I wanted family to consider. Do we not have the education, manners, connections, large enough family-appearance and good talents to be self-sufficient? As large as my family is, I was hoping a good many of them, caught this wave of opportunity first, only to fall disappointed.

Round 1: The Holistic Health Approach

Peace dear family, I am proud to say my enlightenment started in Newark NJ and evolved in Brooklyn NY. Who would have thought I was going to move to and work in the Big Apple. The big business world has given me knowledge of power and advantages, ahead of those, who care to know nothing about economic empowerment. I learned to value the science of holistic health; well known for the science of alternative healing techniques. I found it to be a great duty, to take care of self and family, by way of sharing these natural jewels. I am then at service to humanity, with right knowledge and good work. I am encouraged to remind you of, what I call; our supernatural circulatory system. This is otherwise known as your spiritual anatomy; in the vertical order of, seven flower-like balls of energy, beginning with the reproductive root to the crown of the head. Each one is also linked to and ruled by the elements earth, water, fire, and air. Knowing the nature of this system holds a key, to the ways we act in life. At that time, I was trying out the business field of promoting herbs and vitamins, along with knowledge of the chakras. Eventually, Amway became my next promotional business; it was also one of my best multi-level marketing adventures, I had experienced, as a first round IBO (Independent Business Owner).

Round 2: The economic message

After seeing, witnessing and hearing all the great stories of success and wanting to taste the life they achieved, I could not give up on being an IBO. I wrote this to be one of my introductions, following the approach of the IBOs, out there doing this well. "Are you not tired of settling for the mediocre job life, as all kinds of honorable and new business owners share with us the benefits of living without the financial worries, middle-class and poor people are dealing with. How can I help you? Am I going to waste my time or do you really want this opportunity and help, offered to you?" I have searched, analyzed and participated with a good few groups out there, claiming ways to guide us out the poor man's struggle and I must add; that boiling pot of crabs. We are all steady buying desired merchandise, food and household products. Some of us more serious about health; have no problem, stocking up on nutritional supplements. There are networks established and designed for us to work with. They also come with financial rewards, just for sharing and expanding their quality business products, those who become a partner with these business systems, will also become an independent business owner, because the products you purchase and the traffic you direct to your market, then becomes your proof of a business operation. Today's business is now being transformed by electronic transactions, where management of administration, wealth, and resources also form the new age economy on the internet and i-phone; that is all called E-Commerce. What is a Corporation: a business maintained for profit, having authority under constitutional law, to act as an independent body, distinct from the shareholders who hold the resources.

The whole economic message is about improving how we get this money today, circulate and trade it; make it most useful for life in the future. I know for sure if you are living paycheck after paycheck, you are not keeping, nor really saving money long enough to even pretend you're rich. For the most part that money is certainly getting divided up, into all your bills, transportation expenses, children, food and other worldly appetites. Some business owners working with the best concepts and good partners; may pretend they don't have much. However, when the benefits and bonuses start helping them in their pursuit of happiness and creating a wealthy lifestyle, the most blessed way to shine, is by showing others, a system out of financial worries. With that kind of plan, we don't have to pretend being rich. Say this is not for you; "You must really love surviving off the average job life paychecks!" "You love asking your boss, for quality time off with your family!" The best one, is how an awesome IBO leader; said it, at a great convention; I attended. "You must be allergic to the finest homes, quality clothing and shoes, any kind of merchandise you want and the top choice cars of your dream!" Yes, it may sounds like a delusion of vanity; however, it is actually about having the best essentials in life, or achieving that pursuit of happiness, you might have in mind.

Moral vs Rogue

By spring of 2004, I fell into frustration, feeling crucified by delusions of perhaps my own making. I am actually facing a process of transformation, spiritually baptized through that mystical fire, to be resurrected, from the dead zones of fallen humanity. This is when the philosophy of Yoga is sent my way, The Bhagavad Gita, instantly touches my soul and lights up my intellect, reminding me through another religious way, to serve the order of divine law. Now, I am striving to tame the weakness of this human nature; that which is delaying the progress of my self-mastery and righteousness. Now, the great story of Christ being crucified and resurrected becomes clear. The spirit of righteousness is actually humiliated and clearly rejected, by wicked and mindless advocates of an evil nature. I began to find real spirituality of the so-called black man and woman; has been crucified for so long, we don't even recognize the hidden power of a resurrection, within our own being. The folks who only care to enjoy the physical pleasures of being alive, making personal rituals out of sexual intercourses, smoking, drinking until drunk, drug abuse, party all the time, etc., these folks; who insist on keeping all attention and some form of show off-control, are all Rogues, stuck on vain delusions.

I notice all this just over broke, while I struggled in New York. It amazed me how I was actually working in Manhattan on West 52nd Street and my residence in Brooklyn at the time, was on East 52nd Street and couple blocks away from Church Ave. My block was decent, no complaints, other than coping with the roach infested, little apartment. My security work was always interesting in the most toured area of Manhattan, as I was posted at the Museum of TV & Radio, a couple blocks walk from Rockefeller Center. It was awesome, to see and even meet quite a few celebrities; I took part in securing a fashion party for Be'yonce, I met Delroy Lindo, Don Johnson, Ice T and Cocoa, Chuck D, and Nikki Giovani. I also saw had the honor to meet former Mayor David Dinkins, all of them came through that Museum. Yeah, this post was the best when it came to events. I could say my field of work, was better than the household lifestyle. Was I fortunate? Well I was certainly on a more luxurious scene, on my post. I stayed in grey suits; that was my uniform. The only thing that looked different, each or every other day, was my ties. The paycheck, however, was just barely making ends meet. Occasionally, I could always find a healthy sandwich at a nearby restaurant and I was alright, if I brought lunch from dinners the night before; if not, I usually made sure I hit the coffee and bagel spot before my shift. Quite a few times, the maintenance and custodial coworkers bought me a meal, when of course; I didn't mind walking down to the corner, to get it. There were times I could only afford, cup of noodles, for lunch. Sometimes, I was certainly glad I knew how to handle days of fasting, money was just that scarce at times.

I admit some paydays were also undisciplined. I was relieved at midnight and when I could, if I wasn't sometimes roaming around 42nd Street or Times Square, I would catch the Path-train back over to Newark. On this night it was drizzling rain in New York, but over there, I could tell they caught the soak down. I made my way downtown, through the Penn Station. It was so quiet; I saw rats playing out in the streets. I jumped in a taxi. Dude wanted ten dollars, for a walk I could have made, if it wasn't so late and looking so deserted-like. Mercifully, he gave me a lift for only eight dollars. So I get to my spot, and nobody is out. Now I am saying to myself, "these dudes, supposed to be hustlers and scared of a little rain". I am determined to find somebody now, I was not making this trip for nothing, no, I had to make it a night. I eventually pass this female; she looked like the drug life actually drained her dead to the world. She seemed very humble, carrying her old picture and a lamp; you could tell she was either homeless or delirious. She had plastic bags over her sneakers, which kept them dry from all the rain. Old girl asked me for some change, I had three twenties and the exact change to get back on the train. I told her, I really didn't have it to spare, and most likely passed up a good deed. Meanwhile, I keep stepping to my old neighborhood, all the way to Lyons Ave.

After long walking, I finally find one of my brother's classmates from Hillside; he tells me he just came home, from doing long lockdown time. Dude was looking older than me, like his life was drained as well. However, he happens to look me out with his last bag of trees, and I guess I might have blessed him with a meal. We departed from that point, now I am ready roll up, I get my blunt and store had no more matches. It is still drizzling rain, on and off throughout the night. There are no buses actually running on my route and it seemed to be a prom night as well. I saw many limousines and stretched hummers, riding around that area of the city. I pass this couple, walking by and ask them for a light, dude tell me no, then female began to give me a light, until she saw it was my blunt and disagree. I'm like WTF, and stepped off. Moving on through the night, I knew it was going to be, at least an hour hike back downtown. I finally get a light, at a gas station in route, from a dude stopping to gas up. He tells me "yo, I am looking for trees too, where you get that?" I told him, I walked into this bro. Now, I am feeling like all is good, I know the wife might be wondering where I am this late or maybe not. However; the time is now after 3 in the morning. So when I did find a phone booth, to make a call, that thing wouldn't dial out to New York. I attempt to get my change back, but the slot was so jacked, up It take a few minutes to get my fifty scents out. I am now telling myself, this was some kind of night to pick, for getting my smoke on. At the time, I really didn't know Brooklyn that well, the way I could walk through Newark. What I truly got out that night later on; was how selfish minded one can be, refusing to stay in agreement with righteous restrictions; that which keeps you from the foolishness. What is a rogue? a person who is egotistical or unmanageable. Don't be a rogue, if you don't want to end up roaming with no destination, lost in vain desires, serving no real purpose.

Stepping Ahead of the Powerless

What might give so many Ministers, Bishops, Imaams, and Master-Teachers; the charismatic influence over their followers? Is it by stepping ahead of the powerless or could it also be deceptive methods used, to manipulate or prey on vulnerable emotions of the uniformed; the "I don't care to know about learning anything else, but having faith in the lord" tunnel-vision type. However, we are all created to be expressive, expanding ideas; that which show and prove we are more than a slave, bound to earth. This is how I comprehended; Master Farahd Muhammad's Questions & Answers, passed on to Honorable Elijah Muhammad, Master Clarence 13X's Q&A, for the Five Percenters and Noble Drew Ali's Q&A, for the M.S.T of America. Those Qs&As; were all designed, not to manipulate, but to get us thinking again. We certainly, all coexist, by way of Omnipotent Oneness; well known, by many of the greatest titles and names, man might imagine The Supreme, would be. Some enlightenment would be of no interest, to the majority of world. The few that do embrace great lessons, find power to step ahead of the many, that remain closed minded.

The point is, so many of us are not thinking properly; failing to provide right knowledge and divine nourishment for self and especially our children. The job life and hours, continuing of education, and/or personal gratifications of many parent's days, steal valuable time from our seeds. It is a shame to leave toddlers and children, with the only option for food, is to grab all kinds of junk food snacks and a pack of Ramen Noodles, to eat after school. There can be no other excuse, than a hard case of poverty and/or careless parents; as today's TV channels and Youtube, will even demonstrate, through cooking shows, some simple and healthy meal plans, to have a family eating better. However, reality for some folks; is find "something" to eat, catch a moment to rest, and prepare for another round, of being just over broke. It's like an American nightmare for many. The fortunate; on the other hand, step ahead of the powerless and make conditions better for themselves and loved ones. To have knowledge of self, is being ahead of the powerless, keeping good health and knowing the science of it, is being ahead of the powerless, taking heed of divine guidance with consistent love for it, is stepping ahead of the powerless, and certainly not being a na´ve puppet, of a charismatic leader of any kind, is being ahead of the powerless.

That brings us to the question, what is persuasion? Is it a way of influence, creed, religion, faith or belief? The art of persuasion would have to be so connected to truth, to deny it causes one to feel somewhat lost. Skilled thoughtfulness and a blessed or pursued amount of science, actually enables one to be persuasive, convincing, effective, amongst people whom do not make efforts, to be so impressive. The next questions are; who or what is persuading you to live the way you do? Do you believe in or are you persuaded by the American way of living? This country has a great deal of influence on our way of life. Everyone practically accepts the currency system in place. Many people have even become slaves of, that paper-god they trust most; while others may feel hopeless without it, hoping a merciful handout from someone else will save them from a moment of destitution. The art of persuasion is used in good and bad ways. When ones beliefs become opposed by another impressive thinker, the battle of persuasion becomes the many wars mankind creates, to convince his competitor which creed will be the victorious one. It is the creed of legendary and honorable Prophets, Master-Teachers and other persuasive thinkers; becoming the religions of people who do not make the efforts themselves, to be so impressive. It's all in the art of extraordinary charisma and rhetoric. If it can be a philosophy pursued and agreed with; by many to be truth, it could become concealed in allegory or kept sacred, like the hidden books of the bible or gnostic scriptures; very few care to read. However, some of us prefer or maybe persuaded to learn life by more intimidating degrees of illusions.

When I am in my good and right mind, I am usually more thoughtful or conscious with my nature. I am impressed by the science of life and the records of astrology, linking patterns of human personalities, through on going cycles of how certain individuals; may think and act under cosmic forces. I do believe the mind is constantly adapting to changes and influences. A persistent philosopher; will eventually have impressive work to share with the world; or it may be for those mutual with his rhetoric. I am proud of to see how President Obama; handles The Press. He remains very impressive with his speeches and accurate thinking, especially in response to the question and answers game. We can hope all the nations of the earth; see each other as one human family. However, it is going to take more than one thoughtful man, to convince the world with that kind of concept.

According to our biblical or scriptural stories, the battle of persuasion may have started with that rebellious angel, whom was not convinced by our Holy Majesty. He did not feel Man was worthy to have a dominion of his own. Then came the moment in Genesis, where the woman of man, was persuaded, by a so-called serpent, she was made with such an alluring form, to have man eating out of her hand. To this very day, that influence remains to be a game of mastery, all by its self. I would rather influence you with a mind power, greater than our human understanding of love; becoming impressive only, by way of the thoughtfulness, I am able to improve.

The Awakening

The world under European influence is an experience the Nubian, so called black race can never overlook. I awaken to know thyself and culture; experiencing my enlightenment with the holy spirit of life. The physical world; is no doubt, affected by divine vibrations of positive and negative forces. The devil is found to be the egotism of mankind; a very deceptive master of the physical world. This is why man, must master his ego, before his woman. She is the womb of man, and she will naturally reflect his ego. If he will notice, how easily most women love that feeling of self-importance, sometimes, even losing her mind for vanity, money, fashion and fun. Today, just about most men, who can capture her attention, will find a way, to make her world pleasant. A godly minded man is most likely save by his morality and devotion to the religion of his heart or other righteous pursuit of happiness. The ungodly man is usually acting out on arrogance, pride, and ego. Man has the nature, to act godly or devilish and his woman will be mutual or may not be compatible, with that nature in control. I can believe human nature became man's weakness, after choosing the gratification of the flesh; over the glory of his supernatural powers.

Perhaps, the mysterious tree with knowledge of good and evil; was nothing more than an illusion planted, for knowing the process of procreation. Therefore, it was meant to be a planned science of life, for man's generation. Maybe God was going to show the Adamites how to procreate for divine purpose; however, the plan was ruined by a reptilian. Clearly this Adam and Eve dilemma has caused man and woman, to also have our differences. As we see today, woman wanting equality with man continues, just as she was taught to want equality with Man's spiritual authority in the Garden of Eden. Perhaps, that reptilian taught her, how to gain a way of control, using her alluring form. She then, joined the plot to bring man out his divine authority, hypnotizing him to almost worship her through sexual gratifications.

Now, we are all manipulated, by a corrupt mankind, fashion, vanity, money and folly. We have not broken that spell yet. It is this lost human nature that keeps us caught up, and clearly woman holds more of a human nature than man, based on the story of being made on earth, out of man. Man's advantage of being created by divine thought first, apparently makes him a mind state; in the power of our creator. Then, he was formed on earth, to have a woman (womb of man) made for him to procreate. This is where and why divine nature wanted and intends to take over. Man's easier ability to detach himself from the emotions of human nature; can link him back up with his divine strength. The mind state and existence that was before his form, holds the spiritual authority ordained for him; as a supreme gift from our Heavenly father. Euro-American ways, actually shown the devil so many times; the most violated people of earth, seem to have adopted his ways or have become immune to the disrespect.

However, it does not mean vampires can continue biting our necks. Nubians, caught up under the spell of Leviathan, fail to analyze our livelihood. A clear look at our condition; can be seen in how our communities, ignorantly emancipated, are misguiding and/or destroying the seeds we give birth to. That is one of the reasons, why our children of today, live a confused and almost suicidal lifestyle. Once upon a time, we are royal Warriors, Kings and Queens, now fallen, to humiliated Nubians; almost invisible to the public. Only the poor and vulnerable, would know how it feels, to work in a world built and maintained against us, under a treaty called the "black codes". Since god, is said to be somewhat invisible; being the holiest source to exist in mankind's mind; The God must then be the secret source of our spirituality. So, I fixed in my mind, that our Divine Providence is true and living, being The Greatest Authority over mankind. I also realize; what mankind claims to be good and evil, actually flows through everybody. It is no longer the black and white definition; they would like us to believe. What I call "The European & Nubian Complexion Deception" of white is pure and good and black is defiled and bad; that is no longer my reality.

In my travail of thinking through a black codes treaty, the world I travel through, continue to enlighten me with allies, and some days, surprise me with disgraceful scenes; of my own kind. However, my journey and experience has always given me the will, to inscribe my joys and frustrations. Honored, to have met so many different people with an open heart; it has helped me, understand the way this world affects everyone differently. We live in a world of mostly Euro-American influence and very few have interest in the poor and uniformed; while the media will always keep their interest in, exploiting what they find as, good "bad news". One can clearly see, in our young generation of today; many, poor and uniformed, living without moral codes of honor and respect. They ignorantly act against divine science and positive organizations, working and trying to uplift our fallen humanity. It is a shame, to dwell in cities claiming to be the greatest, with slums and ghettos all around its perimeter; looking like a stigma, next to illusions of civilized neighborhoods. Most good and sincere companies; demand and require swift learning ability, as well as good talent. However, this is becoming harder and very rare to get out of poor and careless communities. As far as I can see, the only open minded groups, with a chance; are those that attend or attended, more advance schools or private schools, honorable universities or the creative, new entrepreneurs, whom all seek the benefits of being more than mediocre.

I am awaken to see this world-wide competition between the good, the bad and the dirty; doing whatever it takes to be the new royal empire. Every nation; obviously gets their moment of glory and humiliation. Today it is my world-wide nation of Nubians, suffering the most, while other nations and sub-ethnic groups, reap the so-called benefits of joining; this Euro-American influence and moment of domination. Never mind the personal matters we have and try to address; like competition within our own tribes. Our children rarely have the option to elevate themselves righteously. Those dwelling with lost minded parents; influencing them with misguided ways of valuing money, fashion and fun, they need a tactful rescue mission and righteous salvation. Many of our young women; due to pregnancies and no knowledge of dietary discipline, lose their firm and most desired beautiful form, before she turns 21 years of age. Our brothers; young and old, have gotten real lazy. Too many have fallen to the point of, shamelessly keeping his pants sagging and playing out the ignorant thug-life role. Staying fit and health conscious, is mostly in the minds of those focused on athletic careers. As for the ones who just don't care all together; they ignore their self-destruction. Sadly, it does not matter to them, how bad they make us appear to the world. Although, I do see how my people are reacting to the black codes; I will not be na´ve, to think all of my Nubian peoples are the defeated and uninformed folks of the world. Making my work to be about uplifting our humanity, as an entrepreneur; I continue striving, to see my blessed lifestyle come true, writing and keyboarding like my pen, my hands and mind, are all I need, to run my company.

The conclusion of it all; by my passing through all those pitfalls and stumbles, to this very day, how else could these pages possibly be written?

Your Literary Architect:

The Literary Architect by Taliel

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