Silent Song

by Dontae T. Muse

Sometimes tears can seem like candy streams
Submerged in emotions of unseen empty dreams
Which seem to be lending attentive attention
But really just renting the space with intentions
To make you talk to yourself and make like theyíre listening
You scream and yell but they canít hear your song
Like youíre singing the national anthem but got the words wrong
And everyone is staring but they wonít sing along
Whatís a man to do when his casket is undercut?
He gets judged by his works but just doesnít measure up
And he finds himself with nothing but access to his Achilles ankle
They were supposed to be listening to you
But never let you speak and they want to hear thank you
He sings to be heard by others not for his health
He headlines at amphitheatres but still he sings to himself
And instead of tomatoes people throw bricks
Well since I canít be heard start reading my lips
He will not put up with it any more
Told to dust the glass ceiling expected to wax the glue floor
I will yell until someone hears me, I need someone to steer me
In the right direction for my protection
So when I sing to the world I donít just get my reflection
Singing the scales of depression with voice inflexions
I inhale death to breathe life and when Iím ready to let go
I exhale songs to change the world but donít hear and echo

Silent Song by Dontae T. Muse

© Copyright 2004. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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