The Pawn Shop

by Dontae T. Muse

I find myself at this spot one more time
Once more after the last time I said no more times
Once more I see no glad but sad in line
Once more Iíll sell anything
Even if itís not mine
My table, my C.D.ís , my silverware
My cable, my TVís, my living room chairs
Iíll sell anything for a sizable donation
Iíll sell my wifeís jewels
And my kidsí playstation
Iíll bring you my radiator
And sell you my heat
Iíll walk on my hands and sell you my feet
And Iíll sleep on the floor
And sell my mattress and sheets
Mr. Pawn Shop man
For money for something to eat

I canít stop myself and wonít let anyone stop me
For food for my family 
I will sell my body
Iíll seize the moon and sell you the night
Iíll steal a plane and sell you a flight
Iíll kidnap some boxers and sell you a fight
For some of that green paper
Iíll sell you my life
On the street I found some donuts
Iíll sell you a hole
If youíre too uptight
I could sell you a stroll
If you have no ambition
I could sell you a goal
Since I have nothing left
I could sell you my soul
The Pawn Shop man pulled out money
Licked his fingers
Popped his collar
And said for all that and your shoes
Iíll give you five dollars

The Pawn Shop by Dontae T. Muse

© Copyright 2004. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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