Bad Influences

by Dontae T. Muse

They sold drugs
They would rob and steal
They blatantly disobeyed authorities
They plotted to kill
They cheated in class
Into their own hands, took revenge
Ignoring the speed limit
Heavy on the gas
Whatever it took to make the ends
These are people I run with
People I call friends
So whatever theyíre down to do
Iím down to do with them
Running off adrenaline
Thinking the most important things are respect and pride
These are my friends my brothers
The motto ride or die
We are not a bunch of people tied into one brain
But in reaction our actions make us one in the same
So all I said before I have said in vain
Iím bout to get this straight
Let me say this again

We sold drugs
We would rob and steal
We blatantly disobeyed authorities
We plotted to kill
We cheated in class
In our own hands took revenge
Blood filled with the code of the streets
Injected by evilís syringe
My friends respect my opinions and decisions
Itís a circle but Iím kind of a leader
I polluted their minds with my philosophies and theories
Not a student but kind of a teacher
I just realized I led them to sin
So that means I messed up before
So Iím gone say it again

I sold drugs
I would rob and steal
I blatantly disobeyed authorities
I plotted to kill
I would cheat in class
In my own hands took revenge
Ignoring the speed limit
heavy on the gas
I did this with people I run with
People I call friends
So in reality I was the serpent
I badly influenced them
All parts of the body cooperate in fluid movement
You pick and choose your friends 
So whoís the bad influence?

Bad Influences by Dontae T. Muse

© Copyright 2004. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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