Sex I

by Dominica

I don't have casual sex
why should I?
just so I can say, I did it?
Just so I can be frantic every month-
you know condoms aren't 100% proof
just so I can gain a pound and have a...flaw
'one freaking character flaw, 
so what, that's just me...
I got needs that this thing feeds...'
yeah, whatever.
just so I can get a touch from the 
opposite of me                  ...Sex
opposite sex of me
touch me there and
then i'll call you tomorrow
I'm mixed up...
I don't know what love is
my dad wasn't there to 
show                     me
examples in discipline
with my mother by his
and now i'm confus-ed
and mix-ed   up-ped
because it's beginning to be a problem
it's beginning to bring problems
is it really all worth it
empty when your near
emptier when you gone 
don't satisfy 
or gratify
my body
still wanting
because somewhere along the line
I missed it .
so now                it's gone
the in thing is out and
now I'm clearer
because I got involved
with someone else who
doesn't just want to touch me
but really loves me

Sex I by Dominica

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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