by Dominica Mitchell- D'Nique

love is not like. We don't fall in love. Rather we fall in lust. Lust is a strong desire. It can fade away very soon. It can come on you like a storm and make you think it is otherwise. It can even drive you to desperate measures that are not very wise.

Love has a very Different approach. We grow in love. in all truth. Growing to love or even in love is still loving them inspite of their many flaws that are revealed through time. It's a lot like thinking of yourself. If you hate yourself, how can you love others? The commandment states how we are to love others as ourselves.

The golden rule say to do to others as yourself. I stick with the commandment. and i believe that there is one truth and not many. Now to say that we hate ourselves but love others makes God out to be a liar.

Of course in the core of our being we know that God will not and can not lie. That's the Accuser's Job. If we are able to love and accept ourselves, and imperfections, then it's easy to love and accept others. Everytime something is revealed about them (character flaws if you will), you have the choice to be apart or not. You have the choice to accept them still or to reject them. Love is definitely a commitment.

Love by Dominica Mitchell- D'Nique

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