by Dominica Mitchell- D'Nique

These things are not only a lifetime commitment. These things are not something that you just put on whenever you feeeeeel like it. These things are not something to just feeeel.

We people have a misguided perception on how things are to go about in life. In alot of cases, we are like the dog that returns back to his vomit. Yukkky Huh? I'll bet. These things express or oooze the kingdom of God. Kingdom is King's Domian.God is the Absolute authority on everything. He is the final authority on everything. Jesus is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Holiness is kingdom mentality. God's has said that His thoughts and ways are higher than ours.

But that doesn't mean that we can not have it. Or we wouldn't have to renew our minds with His word. To be Holy, is to have the mind of Christ acting out the principlesof God in our everyday life. Not very difficult-for some it can be-another story. Honor is not something you put on. Humilty is before Honor. To be humble is not something that you just put on when you feeeel like it is befitting for the moment. You have to be willing to be Humiliated before honor comes. This is the trying of your faith and proclamation.

Honor to God is not something you do Just in praise and worship or private Devotion time. Honor has to do with your thoughts and actions. think along the lines of a natural father; what you do reflects who your father and mother are. Same in the spirit. what you do reflects God. As Christians [if you are one] we are representatives of Him. Ambassadors for Him. We are the sweet fragrance of Christ. We are trophies of Christ victory!

Remember that He made an open show of principalities and powers on the cross and just when they thought they had the upper hand, He rose from the grave by the power of God!!! Why not line up our actions and thoughts with He Who reigns. Obedient as Christ even until the death.

Holiness by Dominica Mitchell- D'Nique

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