Slave Again

by BeautifullyMade

i thought the slave days were over
a slave i would never be
but we are a slave unto ourselves
if only we could see
that the pain is plain, as a hurricane
slain innocents run by gangs
the drugs of the thugs, lost without hugs
are waitin for the right deal
and niggas pullin triggers, actin ignorant it figures
for a dollar off a light bill
the chains and whips, slips off a brown hip
off the skin of my people
the gov't have the nerve to have a liquor store on each corner
and still justify that we're equal
the bruises that chooses to stay on the backs
of my aunt, mother, and grandmother
to a white man is just another
justified lost of a colored brother
and we blame the media, rap, violence, tv
drugs and teenage mothers
the blood on your hands stands to command,
the lost of unecessary deaths
but without the kkk, the ku klux klan
who would we have to blame left
it's we ourselves who make our own hell
behind each prison cell and each story we tell
is another man's bail to be
raped and beaten like a cornered female
instead of takin care of our kids
we out buyin fendi, marc jacobs, and prada
spreadin the AIDS epidemic, makin babies
for child-support from an unknown father
the president locked behind his bullet-proof white house
safe behind his mansion doors
we already have high blood pressure and aids
but the mahority still want more
sendin us to iraq, on a false attack
just to get rid of the blacks
but it's the needles in peoples
that got us killin ourselves
and the white man jus sittin back
see....... i thought the slave days were over
a slave i would never be
but there is a slave in each and every one of us
still waiting to be set free

Slave Again by BeautifullyMade

© Copyright 2014. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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