When Love Comes Aknocking

by Beautifullymade

When love comes aknocking, i wont answer that b*tch
I wont ask, or look to see who is it
you see, me and love got a awkward relationship
when it comes to love, I just dont mess with it
I fell in love one time, and I admit I fell hard
now when it comes to love, for me it aint in the cards
soemtimes i feel like I just aint up to par
i keep reaching out for it, but love seems to be so far
you might say im tripping, and maybe a lil bitter
soem say dont give up on it, but I guess im just a quitter
I aint even tryna figure out love, im just tryna maintain
i got time for the hurt, or the pain
see, when you talking about love you gotta play it smart
dont let em get too close, you gotta guard your heart
you gotta keep it together, no time to fall apart
love just aint for me, but still i remain happily
just let me be, love stay the hell away from me
man you talking about love, but aint nobody got time for that
and if love do hit me, ima have to hit back
i gotta stay away from love, gotta keep my composure
cant let em see me sweat, no time to fold up
i aint tryna be rude, but love has gots to go
matter of fact, give me back the key to my heart
love dont live here anymore
when i was tryna be in tune with love, my love just wasnt enough
thought I could handle being in love
but i want built ford tough
i wasnt equipped to handle loving a man, that didnt love me back
thats why I stand here and say, 
when it comes to love, being hurt aint where its at
when it comes to love, im determined to win
so when i hear her knocking, I wont let her in
when it comes to love, man i wish a nigga would
ima tell em f'ck love, because love aint no good
but love feels so great, until that love turns to hate
for now on, i wont listen to my heart ill listen to my mind
when my heart said to put up with your bs
my mind said leave your behind
they say love is a two-way street, well ima walk on the back roads
i aint tryna meet love, that way has been closed
love is no longer apart of my everyday life
love messed with my head, had me thinking I would be a wife
thats why that love thing is to the left, and im just tryna get right
no more whining, and pining, or no more sleepless nights
when it comes to life, my motto is yolo
when it comes to love, im down to ride solo
love for me aint even in the backseat
im running far awar from love, like a sprinter at a track meet
Naw, f*ck love, because love f*cked me first
love just..
So when love comes aknocking, ill just tell her to go away
come back some other time, and some other day
maybe then..ill accept her with open arms

When Love Comes Aknocking by Beautifullymade

© Copyright 2014. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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