Color of My Skin

by Beautifullymade

sometimes i look at my skin color
and i stop to think
what if instead of this dirty brown
god would have made me pink
why make me the color of dirt
that is spit upon by man
why not make me the color of beige
like the inside of a hand
why not give me a better color
like the color of a rose
instead of giving me this ugly color
that makes filthy my body and clothes
i went off naming all the things pink
and all the things ugly brown
god made an appearance and said little girl
don't make one more sound
for i've made you the color of wood
thats strong, lasting, and sturdy
and i've made the oceans, and the rivers
to wash you when you're dirty
i've made you the color of cardboard
that can hold all my possessions
you need to appreciate all your values
so, im gonna teach you a lesson
name all the things sturdy that are pink
and all the things sturdy that's brown
there were brown things that were durable
but no pink ones could be found
the things that are pink, are weak and dull
and don't last that long
and now that i think back on it
i know god didn't make me wrong
he made me the color of this perfect brown
that has made my people strong
brown, the color of fighting the struggle
through sweat, blood, and tears
the color that is solid and of strength
that has lasted through the years
god made me the color of brown
a color that will never sink
and every morning when you awake you should pray
and thank god he didn't make you pink

Color of My Skin by Beautifullymade

© Copyright 2014. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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