Bad B*tch

by Beautifullymade

This world it seems is very scary
That the thought of being a bad bitch has become hereditary
Got long hair made by Europeans 
That’s longer than their vocabulary
Bad bitches wanna be bad, but in reality
These bitches are really sad and it’s a tragedy
Tryna make us believe that there power lies within
But it’s actually lies between ..
Bad bitches try so hard to be seen, 
not knowing that they really need to be heard
Can’t find a good man, because you get what you deserve
Every woman was born with the power, 
that lies with just one word...pussy
Something that seems to be the new trend
The way these bitches make their ends
But tell me this, is it a noun or a verb
A sarcastic bitch would reply ‘it’s all on how you use it’
Or it’s all on how you abuse it
Shout out to them bad bitches, who looking thick to death
Getting ass shots like botox, injecting their own deaths
On Instagram taking selfies, knowing they really hate their ‘self’
Quick to pop off at the mouth
But wont bust a grape in a fruit fight
Bad bitches rocking red bottoms, but going home to no lights
You bitches are living in the dark, and really ‘living in the dark’
Claiming to be bad bitches, but you’re just a puppy with no bark
Bad bitches will sell their soul for the latest fashions
No morals or compassion
Their pussy is their money train and these bitches is cashing in
Laying down with niggas for that 
Thinking blowjobs is the only form of employment that’s gone get you ahead
But you just giving head, not using your head
Using what God gave you to get what you want, not need
Liquor, weave, shoes, and weed
Popping mollies in the club because Miley told you so
Doing more dicks than a porno star, to increase your cash flow
You bitches got sugar daddies and sponsors
But sponsoring what?
A cute face, fake hair, and a big ass butt
Not even mac makeup could cover up the ugly truth
They say everybody has a price, I guess you’re living proof
Calling yourselves dime pieces, not knowing that you’re priceless
You’re lowering your standards, as you lower your clothes
What happened to following your goals?
Out here claiming to be bad bitches with bad weave, kids, and credit
You can be so much more, if you would accept it
Always got your hand out to receive shit
Using your pussy as a means to achieve it
Quick to fight another female for calling you a bitch
But if a man adds ‘bad’ in front of it, you’re more inept to believe it
Is your pussy your ONLY sales pitch?
And you wonder why they call you ‘bitch’
Yes, tupac said it best
It’s time to stand up and be Good, Proud Women
Put that bad bitch to rest
What happened to the queens of the world?
They’ve become a watered-down reality TV version of bad bitches and bad girls
No longer do they hold their heads up when they walk
No longer do they speak with pride when they talk
Queens are no longer perceived as god’s gift to mankind
Instead the new coin phrase is being called bad bitches
And being compared to dimes
It’s time to make change, being a bad bitch need no longer be a trend
Go back to being ladies, queens, and women who are a godsend
If a man can only love me if I got big hips, pretty lips, and a walk with a dip
Then that man will be skipped
I am more than some generic lyric in a rap song
I am the world’s backbone..i am a woman
A bad bitch that has grown..

Bad B*tch by Beautifullymade

© Copyright 2014. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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