I Will Overcome This System !!!

by Dilys D'Gold

System,You were set up to work for me
But you arenít working
Why oh system do you work for those who donít need you
You were meant to be fair
but you donít know the meaning of the word Justice
In fact you stand against everything that is true
You say you care about the underprivileged!
Huh donít even go there
You really donít give a damn do you?
Oh System you make me feel frustrated
You make me unmotivated
Trying to understand you system makes me lose focus
With all your hocus pocus  
You say I need to talk to you so you can help me 
Yet you donít listen when I speak
You donít understand my language 
Even though you were made for my type
System you donít even understand yourself 
So how can you understand what Iím going through? 
I really canít ever win in this system
except by the grace set upon me
Cause system you are hypocritical
You are a sham
You are the enemyís propaganda 
System you fail all those who trust in you 
And you help those who dabble with you 
The hypocritical, the liars, the fraudsters,
the dubious, the list goes on 
But never the wounded, or the unfortunate
after allís said and done
Oh System you donít work
so I will avoid you as much as I can
System you are manmade and you have faults
System your prototype is all wrong
Your designer lacked foresight
Your Ďimplementatorsí are fraudsters 
Your administrators are liars
Oh System Shame on your maker
I never trusted your system
but I hoped what people said about you was unfounded
But now I know you are not on my side, you are the adversary 
I need supernatural strength to help me beat you system
System you are everywhere I go
and I recognize you from a distance
even though you change your face each time
I will overcome you system with God on my side
Thatís a Promise

I Will Overcome This System !!! by Dilys D'Gold

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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