Internet Escapism

by Dilys Oladiwura

The Internet has been a turning point in technology making the world a smaller place than it really is. With a large number of chat rooms at various websites, we have become able to communicate with people in different locations or even different continents from day to day. The Internet, for many has become an avenue for people to escape from reality. This is not exactly a bad phenomenon but one must admit that it can be a dangerous when a person realises that he or she is virtually an individual with no face or history and can become who ever he or she says he is and takes advantage of these facts.

There are thousands of chat rooms where depending on which side of the bed you rise from one can decide whom one wants to be. People of various backgrounds, as many as the mind can imagine, come in on a daily basis. There are those from pretty normal families, others from abusive families, others with criminal records, and people with emotional or psychological scars seeking revenge anyway possible. In fact, the list could go on. Yet in the chat room one would almost always meet the good looking, the rich, the tall, the handsome and so on and so forth.

In fact, one can be anything one dreams to be. So many choose to spend hours chatting as people they are far from ever being and fail to deal with the harshness of what reality their is. Like other races, black people have also become deeply engrossed in escapism into the dreamland called the internet chat room where it is acceptable to lie, pretend and willfully omit a few important facts about one's life. Many spend a lot of time in chat rooms while at work.

Chat names range from pretty face, light skinned baby, honey, good looking, brother in waiting, booty and any name one could think up. Since the subject of black relationships has always been an important topic in the black community then one can be sure that many single men and women dream of meeting ms and mr right on the net. Though its not an absolute impossibility many still have reservations on the appropriateness of meeting someone with whom you can have a romantic relationship because most of the conversations people engage in on the net have very little element of truth in them. Moreover, truth is the rock on which a lasting relationship can be built. The most common descriptions of the brothers in chat rooms include, dark, light or brown skinned, 6'4" tall, College graduate professional endowed with a Greek god's body well-toned, athletic, lovely smile, good looking and with no player traits and never the other way round. That is, 5'4" tall, 300lb heavy with a pot and so on. Ladies are usually 5'7" tall, 125lb heavy, light-skinned, 38DD bust or over and nearly never the other way round.

Having said all of this there are some truthful people hanging out in chat rooms who are really who they say they are. So what ever you do take necessary precautions cause although you might meet a too-good-to-be-true person out there, it might be the other way round. And guess who's going to be on the receiving end of the hurt? Remember not much has changed since the Internet; everything is still mixture of good and evil.

Internet Escapism by Dilys D'Gold

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