Stop and Be Still

by Dilys D'Gold

In every mind there is a picture of what might bring fulfillment
And so the body strives in order to reach its attainment
But as every soul grows with the unfolding of every new experience
Changes take place in the desires of the heart and the thoughts of the mind
What used to make a lot of sense may now seem to be a whole lot of nonsense
Childhood dreams may have to be left behind
Cause they were created without embracing the element called foresight
The body, mind and soul may have tried to achieve a goal
based on a view that wasn’t right 
A dream that the soul thought he or she could die for
has now become nothing to live for
But the soul has traveled too far with the wrong vision
The soul has been on a wrong mission
A weak soul would give up and cease to try
Dwell in self-pity and ask the question why? 
Until he grows old and is ready to die
But a strong soul would stop and be still
Even against he’s own will
Until a true dream is born 
With which he or she can run 
And keeps running with the dream
Until the day when its fulfillment is attained
Now that the dream has been obtained
The soul is free once again  
To Stop and be still
because the purpose for being born has finally been made known.

Stop and Be Still by Dilys D'Gold

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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