Life Is Like An Ocean

by Dilys Oladiwura

Life is like an Ocean covered by waves,
some bring joy others destruction,
some bring peace others commotion,
And many men are like fish
except they have less control
over the direction in which they swim
Why? Did I hear you ask?
Cause many men allow themselves
to be tossed from side to side
by every wave of philosophy, trend, Idea, belief, doctrine
perhaps man needs to take a good look
at what these waves have to offer
and not take them at their face value.
Those who rise above the waves
are those who look to see which wave
would work for them and that which would work against them

Life is like an ocean full of dreams
some come true and others donít
And every man is a source of dreams
that fill the ocean of life
just as the rain is the source of water to the ocean 
Every man is free to dream
but only a few see his dreams come true
Why? Did I hear you ask?
Cause it takes nothing to dream
but it costs a man everything
to make heís dream come true,
it takes faith; the evidence of things unseen
and a man risks being called a fool
while in pursuit of making heís dream a reality,
no one it seems believes a dream that eventually comes true
because the dream is always bigger than he that dreams it
and remember your dream is no dream
except its bigger than everything you stand for.

Life is like an Ocean
full of good and evil as you pass through
you are bound to be hurt by the sharks of life
and maybe youíll meet a friendly dolphin or two
the former is more likely than the latter
Why? Did I hear you say?
Cause Love is defined by hate,
good by evil and I suppose vice versa.
How do you know what is right if nothing is wrong?
How do you learn not to take for granted
the things that matter to you the most if youíve never been hurt?

Thatís why life is like an Ocean,
some times its at peace other times
it's raging like a storm
But life is only what you make it to be.
Take the bad with a pinch of salt,
donít beat yourself too hard for mistakes youíve made
there is always another chance
so make sure you take it
you just might be able to make
whatís wrong better if not right.
Life is like an ocean
sometimes troubled sometimes calm
whatever state yours might be in
wait and be still cause the rough
would eventually be followed by the smooth,
and weeping followed by joy.

Life Is Like An Ocean by Dilys D'Gold

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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