Respect Your Body

by Aprofoundman

Your body is a sacred temple. 
Respect yourself dearly. 
Don't disrespect what's important to you. 
It's not appropriate to make yourself an easy target. 
Being desperate is abstract. 
Do you feel ashamed. 
Don't let strongness overtake weakness. 
Recoggnize what you're doing. 
You can change for the better. 
When you respect your body 
you're holding it in high regard as you honor it. 
Treat it with care as you would present 
any other valuable or irreplaceable item. 
Maintain what god made. 
Sanctify your form by worshiping it. 
Employ your physique as a structure. 
If you abuse the frame it will break down in different ways. 
Appreciate the body. 
Show courtesy of what's yours. 
Making it a priority is vital. 
Be self reliant. 
Avoid coming in contact with a man who has a one track mind. 
Always remember what is special. 
Your body should be used for positive uses. 
In respecting yourself you will see a new attitude within you. 
Also a possibility will begin in life. 
The man above will grace you and keep you grounded. 
Most of al display your creation with dignity. 

Respect Your Body by Aprofoundman

© Copyright 2004. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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