Mother Earth's Revenge

by Dennis Lee

Mr. Corporate America-look into the clearing 
See the birds and old trees disappearing? 
You trade dollars for Mother Earth. 
My son's got asthma now-what was it worth? 

Brown water out my faucet-you traded it all in 
For what? A big pension and a marginal profit. 
You got the upper hand now-it just never ends. 
But prepare yourself for Mother Earth's Revenge. 

It's 85 degrees outside at noon 
But remember, it's December, not June. 
You've polluted land, air and seas. 
Environmental scorched earth policy. 

You live in opulence-but put a plant near my fence 
A huge write-off at the public's expense. 
Sold the earth for a dividend-but just sit back, 
Earth's revenge is swift and exact. 

Hurricanes are now Category 5
See the mudslide, let's take your house for a ride. 
Babies being born with mutations 
A chemical cloud now surrounds the whole nation. 

I can't breathe-cause the air is thick-and I see 
Large profits for your parent company. 
Nuclear waste dumped off shores, 
Dead fish with mercury in its pores. 

A bad taste from the Industrial Age, 
Now Mother Earth screams out in blinding rage. 
On gross profits you seem to depend, 
But it's close to end-here comes Mother Earth's Revenge. 

Looking at the clock, it's about that time. 
Payback is a bitch-hope you're next in line. 
I pray Mother Earth gets you first. 
Bankrupts your plants, 
Then proceeds to empty your purse. 

Mother Earth's Revenge by Dennis Lee

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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