I Fear Her

by Dennis Lee

I  fear her.

A singular rose in a vase.
Sits on a table between us.
Tiny teacups-she hold delicately.
Offering me Korean Green Tea.

And I'm wondering why I'm here.
Out of all the men in her world.
Says she does'nt open the door much.
This is her place, her home, her space.
Until now, she was'nt ready to share.

The smoke from the incense curls.
Like a kitten's tail-then lingers in the air.
Dazed by the intoxicating swirls of piano music,
Muted colors and her presence...
I still fear her.

A wealth of books-titles too numerous to read.
A Dali print on the western wall...
Poems stacked but oddly numbered..
She speaks in hushed syllables,
And I can't catch my breath.

A bohemian, in opposition to most things corporate
She swims upstream against the tides
Of fanaticism and intolerance.
Like driftwood in placid waters,
Her rebellion speaks softly.

Her skin-bright like tangerines
Bright, like the hope of spring...
That day, she shattered my preconceptions
Of what a woman could be,
What a woman would be
If released from the mold of imitation.

I fear her.
Like a ballet of butterflies floating lazily
On a June day-she moves gracefully.
A lotus opening in slow motion,
She is African violets in full bloom.

And Im wondering why Im here
Out of all the men in her world..
Im a young colt on gangly legs
Unsure of itself...
But smartly aware of it's purpose...

Im aware of the only thing holding me together
Is the waiting, the sharp sense of anticipation
A small kiss, awkward at first....
Then rising to a extended dance...

Comets and starbursts brighten the room...
And I'm wonderously lost in her world, her life.
Mentally adrift in a field of sunflowers..
Alone with her, in moments of bliss.

And I'm still wondering why I'm here.
Out of all the men in her world.
At once, my fear leaves me,
And I find myself in her arms. 

I Fear Her by Dennis Lee

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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