The Tension

by Denisiab

Some people see it in my eyes.
Some people feel it in their thighs
when I walk by.
Some people claim it as their own,
then realize their proclamation was wrong
when I'm gone.
Some people avoid me because it's too much
or it was before I knew what the tension was.
What the friction rubbed.
a good man took the time to show me
how to harness the tension as he sat and told me
about knowing the feeling
of losing friends and attracting foes
because he'd let the tension take control
of everything he'd known.
Then one day he did assume 
responsibility of his thoughts and that's what I must do
to keep the tension subdued.
Now I'm more aware of the energy I possess
and how my thoughts affect the way its expressed
with strength or feebleness.
With this knowledge I'm now stronger.
With this power I'm no longer
drowning in wonder.
I've got this.
I've got me.
I've got bliss.
I've got peace.
The tension has now ceased.

The Tension by Denisiab

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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