To My Meek Siblings

by Denisiab

If I told you you're beautiful
and, also, smart
plus very loving and thoughtful 
with the purest of hearts,
would you believe me?
Would you smile and say, "I know."
Or would you look at me crazy
and tell me to go on?
Well, this is what I'm saying
whether you believe it or not
and I would love to meet 
anyone who says you aren't
all of these things and more.
They really have some nerve.
Fixing their lips to spit
out vile and hurtful words.
Find every negative thing
you've heard about yourself,
tie them all together so they won't
escape to hurt someone else.
Strike a match or flick a lighter
and set them all ablaze.
Let the rising smoke be a signal
for anyone with negative words to say
that they can no longer hurt you
or another innocuous person
because those words will only injure
the speaker in the end.
That's a promise from God.
A universal law of truth.
They will watch with envy, one day,
as you inherit the Earth.
Just pray for them with love
and, in God's promise, have faith.
Wear your meekness like a crown
and keep your lighters and matches ready.

To My Meek Siblings by Denisiab

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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