by Deliciouswisdom

work is working me and i am just passing by.

working is drowning me sinking my pride.

can't get up to excercise for the betterment of me.

can't finish the projects started just 3 days ago.
but i can get up, clean up, dress up, drive up

to a job that's not working for me.

doesnt keep my goals in mind this job. 
just wanting more and more of my time.

dont want to be an assembly line free agent but the work is somehow magnetic.

the paycheck sucks me dry from week to week and the magnetic pull is erasing my mind

like a credit card strip that set too close to the microwave.

not feeling like me these days that blend so monotonus in the wind.

waking up more and more feeling no control of gestures and thoughts.

got me wondering is the work i do a job or not.

i mean is there something in the water there

cause when i leave i have guilt and shame

like the work is masterbating me into oblivian and i'm the one to blame.

more and more i need to just be alone,

trying to wake up my mind and come back home to me.

work is bleeding me and i seem to be offering up myself sacrificially.

only to find that my offering is not good enough for the god of the job and off cuts

my life and dead i am but still working, because the work god is not stupid.

work not working anymore, quiting though is a hard job.

Work by Deliciouswisdom

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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