I Am, I Am, I Am

by Denise D. Cooper

I am 
I am 
I am 

loose connections on a cellular line
my babies traveling cross white dotted 
street lined highways
taunting death
speeding crazily home to me
wanting to lie next to me naked and free

I am 
I am
I am

craving unfortunate choices in men
that crave others ass bare
boy does my man like it down there
need a freak like me 
undress naked on a highway of slow traffic sin
biting back at our lost vote 
longing for bush and sticks to unite
fight for intensity and friction

I am 
I am
I am

higher then the moons reach
orgasmic-ly indifferent to masturbating
rhythms that sound oriental and sheik 
burst reds and gold upon a scene 
of white sheets glistening bodies
retreat off beds onto warm wood floors
oak burns in the fire place
echoing snapping sounds of the slapping 
mounds of bodies in heat

I am 
I am 
I am

gifted at the twisted adult game of desire
bouncing ass like rabbits 
jacking crazy hot and fast
sacred love, no toys no oils
no red lights no sweet perfumes
bruising the clean transparent thick air
just you and me there

I am 
I am
I am

socks on my feet rubbing your anatomy
feels like a foreign massage your tongue
on my belly playing checkers with strawberries
on my abdomen up to and around my breast
suck this one then that
If I could sing now Id be singing reasons
hitting all the right notes
climax in season

I am 
I am 
I am

coming into dry land crossing sea traffic watching mahogany
passages of eyes downcast 
by white magic lies
why must these images enter my eternity with
and while making love to you and your black creamy 

I am
I am
I am

moses reborn in a gifted freaky child
still running to be free
just traveling through revolutionary men
basketball players and men who know God
and speak to him in song on Sunday
with audiences absent of soul
tearing down her good natured fight
all for the plight of a good fuck
the railroads broken 
Im stuck

Copyright 2005 
From the poetry book "Juicy"
Denise D. Cooper

I Am, I Am, I Am by Denise D. Cooper

© Copyright 2005. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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