by Deliciouswisdom

Aren't you the least bit concerned?

About your history lesson's in your head that need to be unlearned.
European persuassion doesnt quite fit my afrocentric equation. 
Is the promise of tomorrow truely your vision or that of a white prescription? 
So sisters aren't you the least bit concerned?

Should we be concerned for the sisters who have the absence of God in their lives,
and blame countless aimless brothers for their strife?
How many signs do you need thrust in front of your eyes
before you connect the life youre leading as lies? 
Shouldnt the hate from a mate intimidate you so much you fail to need his touch?
"Cause baby I know youre worth it"

Are we tied to too many things, contrieved by our material life deeds?
Hair weave appointments!
Scheduled manicures!
And shopping sprees!
How many of us take time out for a life lesson? Then really benefit ourselves
and share that wisdom? 

For the young and the young of the young, can't we show some concern?
Some love? Aren't we the least bit concerned?

Could we answer the Question why Sojurner was called the Truth? 
Why countless sisters sound like Sarah, Bessie, and poems don't flow as smooth as Angelou?
Dare we get the book, the albums, and invest the time it took so many new artist
to work at sounding so natural-like-back-then-when they were just doing there thang?
Or was their talent and beauty so fake and contrieved. 
Were they just jazzed up spirituals and water down versions of history,
when the struggle was not fought but the key to survival, a way of life.
Slave life.

Can we dig a little deeper and just simply be concerned.
A concerned life shows wisdom and works of better days.

Are we too busy shaking our heads and feeling shame
and not pointing the blame back to ourselves when we see misled minds struggle? 
Or could it be we recognize our own misguided wisdom and fear we might be corrected.       
Please tell me there is room for some self concern.
Being concerned for self leads to concern for others and the wisdom becomes Delicious.

Concern by Deliciouswisdom

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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