Can You Stand the Rain?

by Poetrymama

Lawd, I stood so much rain within the times of years before. 
At one hundred and ten, still my mind is as fit as a fiddle 
with strains of music to enchance the soul. 
Young folks can't begin to understand all the anguish and pain 
we the slaves of hundreds of years endured through our master's hand.
The intimidation, loss of love ones sold for less than their worth.
Shall I enlighten you? Yes I should.
Ole' Master duncan rode us like a tired mule in the snow.
I don't care about your worries and pain 
just work as I say or my whip will end your complaints.
Day in and day out, we slaved through the fields 
as our souls scream for rest and peace of mind
within body and soul.
My worst day was 1768, the day my daddy was sold to the highest bidder. 
He stood on the makeshift platform for slaves to be sold. 
Helpless, I watched as they command him to turn this way and that.
Masters shouting bids for my daddy like he was livestock. 
My poor ole' mama just stood there as I could feel the pain 
of her heart breaking from losing her man.
Ole' Master Sims bidded the highest and My daddy was gone.
Just gone from my sight forever. 
My mama just stood there. 
She just stood there looking at the empty space where daddy had stood.
I stood next to mama as she said "How will we stand the rain?"
To see a loved one taken away forever without a goodbye or a hug.
Could You stand the Rain?
Young Man, Pull up your pants as you show respect and dignity 
for those who suffered through all their pain.
Young Woman, respect your body 
because it is the most precious gift within your sight. 
Freely you give it away 
not by the master's threats of pain or death. 
You can control this gift.
Young minds are made to be nurtured 
through education not Drugs or Alcohol.
Show our people of times before 
you have what it takes to survive without killing your own.
NO JAILS, PRISONS will be your fate 
cause Ancestors years before have paved the way.
Young Men and Women, Slavery comes in many forms:

Single moms
Low Self Esteem
Lack of Faith
Are any of these in your path 
if so kick them out of the way.
if you don't do this
all I can ask of you.
Can you stand the rain?

Can You Stand the Rain? by Poetrymama

© Copyright 2007. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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