Sistuah's Need To Dream

by Delores Jordan

Denita was at the end of her rope with Phillip. He did not come home last night. She knew he would come in later and tell her some outrageous lie. He could lie faster than a cat could wink his eye.

She didn't need this crap and decided to throw his sorry butt out for good. She gathered all his belongings and sat them out in the hall.

She called the Super of the building and informed him that she wanted another lock installed on her entrance door. She needed peace in her life and was determined to have it.

The Super came down a couple hours later. He installed the lock and gave her the keys.

Showered and dressed, She left for work. She knew Phillip would be surprised when he found out the lock was changed. So what! He could just go back to wherever he was last night.

She strolled into the building as she proceeded down the hall to her office.

Annie, her Assistant was sitting at her desk. She was typing a report due this morning. She greeted her as she passed her desk. "Good Morning, Annie." "Good Morning, Ms. Williams, How are you doing today?" "As of this morning things are definitely looking up." Denita replied. Annie noticed the briskness in her walk and said "Alright then!"

Denita had barely sat at her desk when the phone begin to ring. She press the lit button and was informed that Phillip was on Line 1.

Before she could say anything Phillip was yelling loudly.

"Why are my things in the hallway?"

"Someone could have stole them."

"I do not have time for your crap today or any other day.

"I am so tired of you taking advantage of me" She replied.

"You are upset about last night,aren't you? Denita, you are just too jealous. I spend the night at Keith's because I was too loaded to drive home." He said.

"Tell it to the Pope because we are through. Take your little dusty behind back to wherever you were last night."

"See ya when I see ya," she told him as she was hanging up the phone, she thought she heard him call her a "Bitch".

Later, that night Denita and Sandy went to see "Soul Food" at the local theatre. The movie was excellent. They stopped at their local hangout "The Zone". The Zone was a nightclub for people over 25. It was packed with couples on the dance floor swaying to a slow tune.

They found a table near the dance floor. They both ordered a gin and tonic. A brother walks up and asked Sandy to dance. She declined as he walked away.

"Now that Brother know he is wrong with that plaid suit and those stacks," Sandy said.

"Denita smiled as she said,"I don't know. The Seventies Look is coming back." Sandy shook her head as she said,"I don't care."

They stayed at the club until one in the morning.

The next day, Denita woke up early. She decided to go shopping after a quick shower. She went to Burlington's Coat Factory and brought a jacket for the chilly days to come. She went to the Kroger's Supermarket where she took her time shopping. All she had in her refrigerator was milk, one egg and water. After standing in a line a mile long, she was more than ready to go home.

She was going into her building when she heard someone call her name. She turned around and it was Phillip. She continued walking into the building hearing the click as the door closed.

She was watching her favorite show "Moshesa" when the phone rang. It was Phillip.

"Please, don't hang up on me" he pleaded. "We can't end our relationship like this. I want to come home," he said.

Denita sat up and said,"HOME! This is not your home anymore. You were the whorish one, not me."

"Baby,I love you",Phillip said.

Denita replied," You love no one but youself" as she hung up the phone.

Good Grief! Men used the L-word too easily. She knew that Sistuah's everywhere needed to dream for brighter days.

Sistuah's Need To Dream by Delores Jordan

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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