Response To The Beast

by Poetrymama

I am the King with powers unseen
threw you from Heaven so you will
know business I mean
Powerless unless someone invite
you in

But I ain't mad at ya cause you
were once one of mine
Now in hell, you scheme and corrupt
precious minds

But you see I am always one step 
ahead of you
for souls are saved everyday 
My Soldiers make sure they know
the truth as their minds, bodies
and Souls walk my Way

I know you are thinking 
" Why is God trying to Front?
Just keeping it real,Satan
you think you have power to 
rule this world with evil deeds
Please! Don't you know I created 
all the Seeds
for Love and Knowledge to Souls
I feed

I walk on waters for miles without
a ripple
as you sit in Hell without so much
as a dribble
Yes, you walk the earth thinking 
you have huge wings
But soon the War of Wars will be seen
as my Angels through my Power will
show who is the Powerful One and the
King of Kings

copyright@2002-Deloris Jordan

Response To The Beast by Poetrymama

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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