Mama Black

by Lois Jordan

History can show you as a "Mama Black
our men were never allowed to watch
our backs
belittled,beaten and abused
we tried to protect our black men by
any means we could use
told they were nothing at all
they couldn't hold their heads high
they couldn't stand straight and tall

So now you say as a "Mama Black"
we are at fault
for showing love and concern
we were taught as a family going
way back
we didn't bring in the drugs and guns
you want to blame on us the damage
done to our men and our sons

Now that crime appears out of control
it's not "Mama Black" as the whole
world surely knows who would die for
her sons-pray to the lord and be ready
to go
everything you touch don't turn to gold
while "Mama Black" tried to keep her sons
safe she will cuss and fuss

Sometimes it work- your hold is weak
other times it is so strong
all "Mama Black" can do is pray and weep
"protect my baby" from evil so near
Lord,he is so precious and dear
so,put the blame on where it's due
not on "Mama Black"
whose pride in her men and sons
were destroyed by drugs,guns and you

Mama Black by Lois Jordan

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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