Girl Next Door

by Bianca Delarosa

 When I hear the girl next door
 I know that she's not me
 As average as the winter is long
 As sweet as she can be

I am of a different breed
 A dark and smooth delight
 A universal masterpiece
 Filled with earthly light

You can be the girl next door
 The pretty ingenue
 You can be the Stepford wife
 You know just what to do

Women like you were taught to please
 To always know your place
 Women like me were meant to laugh
 All up in life's face

When you are the girl next door
 And you see me strolling by
 Follow as I pass along
 I'll take you for a ride

I'll show you how to lose yourself
 In the bright lit night
 And show you all the wonders you have
 Living deep inside

Let them be the girl next door
 Let me set you free
 You and I will live our lives
 And be what we will be

We are not the girl next door
 We are women grown
 We will take what's owed to us
 Our lives will be our own


Girl Next Door by Bianca Delarosa

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