I love to be what you want

by Brother DeBuff

what you want these Day to be 
as your growing to be
i gave my heart to you 
free of charge
my love unconditional
you accepted all these gift of love
from my soul i gave all
to see your smile
to share your happiness
what you want i give
not because I'm weak
just in love
we climb the mountain of life
we look over the valley of sorrow 
we wept as life pass us by
i want to love you
even after you play
your game of get what you can
my heart can not think
i suffer silently just because i will not give up
when i give my love i am for real
bottom line come walk with me
make this the new day of our life
love me like i love you
this can be best of time
us together you lean on me
i will lean on you
 the rule you for me
  as i be for you
i love you just like you be

I'm feeling the world, it me rising up to touch the sky. 
i want to smile for the love of a woman that would  be a friend first 
and a lover for me a strong black man 
i want a strong black woman of our past journey from Africa...
i want to be love for me i want someone that will struggle to make this world a better place 
for our children of the world to be my beacon in the storm of this world i believe we can be true
our self in our love i need you i pray you need me to go to our destiny 
to continue on as our ancestor did we must make it to go on to reach our goal 
to rise up to go on


I love to be what you want by Brother DeBuff

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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