What Wrong Now

by Brother De Buff

Why you play with my words
Why can't you know I'm in love with you
Sometime I am hurt with the ways
My mind leads me to think
I love you in my life
I don't want to lose you over a word or two
There is no else I desirer as I desirer you
You all for me and I am all for you
What the matter now
Know that I am only human
Hear the good words I say to you
Forget words of hurt
  Before I kiss your lips
After I held you in my arm
Everything is all right now that we are together again
You know I how I get at time
All I can say is forgive me my love
For the words I didn't mean to say or write
On rebounds I hurt cause you read my words
I believe the storm is over since we talked
Understand better now that time has past
  In unity now love the time spend with each other
I cannot think about life without you
You are so importance to me
In my world you mean everything good
What can I say you are all that real to me and more
Some how I must say over and over again
That I love you until it sink into your mind
In your very soul you realize my love is true
And you the only love that I want in my life
Don't you dare play with me
This real from my heart I want to love you
As long as God above us allow us to love each other
I know you didn't deserve the words of my poem
From view I ask to forgive me for my words
Meant not what I believe as I express my love

What Wrong Now by Brother De Buff

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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