We Walk Side By Side Then We Were Torn Apart

by Brother De Buff

Woman of blackness you must realize I am God's gift to you
Sister of blackness as you are my gift from God
we over come all doubt we live
Continue to go on to prize
Of love so true
You were there for me in good
As well as the bad time
We lean on each other in need to be close
Some how we make it in unity
We have reached the love that creator promise
How can I ever forget we were chained together?
Side by side chained
In the middle passage
We were mistreat the same ways
When death was put on us
We accepted our fate in this strange land
Some time we were separate from our family
Keep away from what importance to us
Our journey was one that many fail to make
Hardship of pain and torture
Cause the pigment of your skins
Were black or brown and yellow?
Or some other shade of Africa
Toiling to be best we can
Even worker harder to stay in the same place
Something in our soul keeps us in the grace of God
So we work on together to reach what we need
The love of nation our seeds gone to grow into
As the sun rise up in morning of God love
As we breathe the sweet air of victory
We have come so many miles
We got go many more miles to go
I believe together we will continue to go on
We come to far to stop now
Wake up is no time to sleep their work to be done
You by my side I by your side
I love you my Nubian woman as you love me your Nubian man
May the God of our fathers and ancestors be with us always?

We Walk Side By Side Then We Were Torn Apart by Brother De Buff

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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