Stop The Killing

by Brother De Buff

rise up young man to walk to run  
open your eyes to see morning light  
eyes of heaven on you  
blessings of old mother sent for you  
grey head bend to say words for you  
song are sing for your life was too short  
you never even knew how life would be  
waste on senseless spilling of blood  
the ground drinks of our youth life  
the earth is drunk with our blood  
some died before their even live  
mother's scream oh God not my baby  
tears mingle with the street trash  
we lay down our life  
where is the grace you promise  
where the mercy for my children  
he was young what happen  
what want wrong where was family  
stop the killing someone  
please reach down protect  
our tomorrow help us continue  
one day soon i will see  
no more weeping eyes  
no more young untimely death  
i say one day their going to  
peace in the hood no more killing  
our children will  
live and come of age  
the rite of passage our need  
how we going to love each other  
i said one day we have love  
overflowing children playing  
our tears forever wipe away  
in the cradle we will learn to love  
in home we teach respect for each other  
in us our children will see the example  
we have to treat each other as family  
god rules will preveil as we  
know we are the family of god almighty  
one day we will not have to weep  
our children will be free to live  
in the light of god sunshine  
not fear  
that day we will be family  
that day we will remember our  
likeness in mirror of life
as we embrace our future in our youth
wean to live in honor and respect
by the hardship of yesterday

Stop The Killing by Brother De Buff

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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