I'm Selfish And In Love With God

by Brother De Buff

it really alright you see i have peace in side  
something that a make a sad man happy  
joy of knowing who i am  
it a real blessing from the father up above  
i feel my lord carrying me  
when life become a struggle  
it feel good to know God's love  
what have i done to deserve  
such real love from God  
i am so selfish wanting to give  
all my love to the most high  
you know god is good  
you can God all the time any time  
my lord will answer you right on time  
if all else fail try my God  
God is the word that cause all to be  
know in your heart God is good  
feel God's spirit in your soul  
dance the dance of david  
shout to my lord for all joy given  
uplifted me lord keep me safe from  
all the world my God my God is beautiful  
i thank you father right now  
all blessing you gave me all the time  
i love you only God for you have been  
good to me all the time  
God God God i love you  
you first love me  
i thank you for alway being there for me  
God you are my God no one else will do
 george jefferson 

I'm Selfish And In Love With God by Brother De Buff

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