Man What You Looking At

by Brother De Buff

As I stand as a man a black man at that
      You don't know my trouble
    You have not travel my journey
       You never walk in my shoe
         You had it easy with
         All your want at hand
   My fathers try the best he could
      He work hard for everything
 No one give a damn if I live or died
    Just another one of them people
         None of them no good
    From little one to the big one
     Why you cannot leave me alone
      How I over come your plans
For my early demise as a child innocent
      Your design for my downfall
Will fail for god is good to me for me
      What you want to sound off
   About my life is yours to command
    Submitted to only the most high
    I will go on to make the rules
 I want to be able to stand up to life
   Hear me out free to go on to grow
 Just want to tell you what on my mind
     You better get out of my way
    I'm headed straight to my goal
       To live to known destiny
 Without the plan of self destruction
    Guess what I saw in the mirror
    A plan to be strong to the end
Moving up to the front touch the prize
    It mine to have you can take it
     You with smile smooth talking
       Better get out of my way
    Freedom is my name I don't play

Man What You Looking At by Brother De Buff

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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