Just Cock-Crow Emergence With Sun Rising

by Brother De Buff

Beneath mountain of doubt

We be singing de song of father

World remain safe

Cry out newborn minds

How de rain be falling on us

Blood wash away from oppressors’

De hands of de trouble in evening

Since de arrival de cargo me

Father me mother of old land

To de block they place me

In de slums people remain

Ra of yester-year ancestors

De proud Sankofa of de greatness

Be alive moving to de sun

Darker black an de night

Our song ride in de winds

Voice of de elder story in de heart

Listen hear de crying of lost time

Whole nation in de water

Our drink from de cup of life

Taste de same now as then

Mother gave bread of life

Milk of forever

Meat for de soul journey

De thanks give by doing good

By de brother and de sister

All de children of Africa’s womb

Birth during de pain of de roots

De middle passage

De trail of blood feed tastes other needs

Long time de coming end over here

De people here now lost nothing de same

De seeds grow in de hostile grounds

De killing and de hanging tree

Moaning de survival as de fruit fall

Far from life lost In de dry dirt

De Marcus Garvey took hold

De Malcolm X told de way

Some of de many seeds

That took hold in de mind

De  land of de children

Grow toward de sun reach up

Beyond de sky no end or start

De African people in de root

Just Cock-Crow Emergence With Sun Rising by Brother De Buff

© Copyright 2008. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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