Love Taken The Way It Been Given

by Brother De Buff

It been so long since I held you in my arm
She remembers weeping willows
After the crowd left
Moans hung in air heavy the sounds
Doves weeping for peace gone to war
She sat up to sing a sorrowful goodbye
Then fly ask the frog why me
I heard in wind song of sadness after a goodbye
What part you be failing to understand
Good or the bye
While standing in the shadow of past lovers
You don't think so I don't think so
In your mind repeating over and over
I know that it would be this way
Seen hand written message on inside
Of your mind it trouble me
It been long time coming the goodbyes
It here now opens your eyes to view a picture
In the front of you see it so real telling me
Of the sign from past and of present
I want to know what you did for love
Your eyes closed still you see
I'm not the one like him
Wake up I call out to you
Life is motion rock me
Before you count to five she gone love another
Mother told me in secret
Before I even say so long her plan is not to be alone
She remember weeping willows bending in the wind
As time continue to go on she look around up and
Down with tears in her eyes wondering why sadness come
Under moon lit sky she see her reflects in the pool
Of Forgotten love the air highlight moans of goodbye
Mask by coolness of night breezes
She says I love you she comes in the quiet of night
Starlight in her hair I wait so patiently for her voice
To gently call out to me the sound of nature is loud
The world is so busy how can I hope to kiss her
Close I want to be to my lover she so far away
Touch her space still warm by her goodbye
Come back baby I call to you
Understand what I want to say take this love
The way it been given

Love Taken The Way It Been Given by Brother De Buff

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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